3T steel shell induction melting furnace
  • 3T steel shell induction melting furnace
  • 3T steel shell induction melting furnace
  • 3T steel shell induction melting furnace

3T steel shell induction melting furnace

Item No.: SMF-3
Power: 2000kW, 2300kW
Frequency: 500Hz
Voltage: 3 * 950V, 6 * 660V, 3 * 660V, 6 * 950V
Capacity: 3T
Application: Used for melting of steel, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin, nickel, alloy materials and other ferrous or non-ferrous metals.
Working Principle of Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace
Medium frequency induction melting furnace is a frequency conversion device that converts three-phase power frequency current to single-phase Medium frequency current. It uses the principle of electromagnetic field induction heating to make the metal generate an induced current, that is, eddy current, so as to achieve the purpose of heating and melting of the metal. It is mainly used for the melting of ferrous or non-ferrous metals such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, and alloys, and is widely used in metal casting and steelmaking industries.

Energy Saving, High Efficiency
Steel shell Medium frequency induction melting furnace is composed of medium frequency power supply, compensation capacitor, steel shell furnace body, yoke, water-cooled cable, hydraulic station and tilting furnace control system. It is mainly used for melting of steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys. It has the advantages of high melting efficiency, good energy saving effect, uniform heating of metal, less burning loss, fast temperature rise, easy temperature control, etc. It is suitable for melting of various metals.

Safe, Durable
The steel shell furnace body adopts a hydraulic tilting furnace device. The furnace body is welded with high-quality steel structure, which is safer, stronger and more durable. The induction coil is enclosed by yoke. Therefore, the magnetic leakage is small and the efficiency is high. It saves nearly 5% of energy consumption than the aluminum shell furnace body. The steel shell Medium frequency induction melting furnace is equipped with a leakage prevention alarm device, which can predict the leakage in advance and achieve the purpose of safe production. The steel shell furnace is designed with two types of dust removal systems: smoking hood and smoking ring, which meets the requirements of environmental assessment. Users can choose the configuration of the dust removal system according to their needs.

Structural Composition of The Furnace Body
The open-type furnace body of steel structure includes open-type furnace body, furnace frame, furnace cover, tilting furnace oil cylinder, furnace cover lifting device, rotating oil cylinder, induction coil, yoke, high-pressure-resistant carbon-free hose, furnace mouth, and fixing material for pouring furnace bottom, full set of stainless steel water inlet distributors, return water collectors and clamps, etc. The oil cylinder is designed according to the hydraulic medium such as water or glycol.