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What is induction brazing?

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Update time : 2021-06-24 23:06:57
Induction brazing is a process in which two metal materials are welded together by melting the filler by induction heating.
Principle of induction brazing
Place the metal parts to be brazed in the induction coil, and provide alternating current through the power supply. The induction coil generates an induction electromagnetic field, which will generate an induced electromotive force on the surface of the part, forming an induced eddy current, so that the joint of the brazed metal part is heated. Filling materials are generally used in the gaps of the joints, and the melting point of the filling materials is generally lower than that of the base material. When the temperature of the filler reaches the melting point, it will melt and fill the gap between the two base materials, so that the joints of the two base materials are bonded together. Induction brazing is the cleanest and environmentally friendly welding method in the world.

Benefits of induction brazing
Precise local heating. The use of induction heating for brazing can heat only the parts that need to be brazed, without affecting the parts outside the joint area, reducing the deformation of the parts.
Fast heating speed, less deformation and less oxidation. Compared with flame heating, induction heating has a faster heating speed, and the surface of the heated metal parts is less oxidized, saving materials and cleaning costs.
Vacuum brazing environment. For brazing with special requirements, in order to strictly control the quality of the joints and avoid oxidation in the air, a vacuum brazing furnace can also be used.
The brazing quality is stable. The position of the joint of the parts to be brazed can be fixed by the positioning device, and the power and frequency of the induction brazing machine, and the position of the induction coil can be set to ensure the consistency of each brazing effect, so that the quality of the brazing is stable.
Improve and protect the environment. Induction heating does not produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and other exhaust gas and smoke, and has low external heat radiation, low noise, and improved working environment, which is beneficial to the health of operators.
How to use induction brazing
Base material gap. The gap between the base metals cannot be too large or too small. If the gap is too large and there are more fillers, the bonded part of the joint will be too large, which will reduce the strength of the bonded joint. If the gap is too small, it is not conducive to the flow of the filler.
Semi-automatic and fully automatic induction brazing. Semi-automatic or automated operation can be achieved by setting conveyor belts, pre-installing filling materials and other measures.
Maintenance of induction brazing equipment. Always ensure the supply of cooling water before and during the operation of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The water supply can be stopped only after the brazing machine is turned off, because the operation of the equipment will generate a lot of heat, and the lack of water will cause great damage to the machine. Most machine failures are caused by lack of water.
Video of induction brazing

In the video, you can see the brazing of various copper pipes, mainly the brazing of AC copper pipes, U-shaped copper pipes and copper pipe connectors. The video also shows the brazing of hardware tools and the brazing of diamond tools.