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Automatic steel billet forging furnace
  • Automatic steel billet forging furnace
  • Automatic steel billet forging furnace

Automatic steel billet forging furnace

Item No.: FC-SBF
Billet size: 60 * 60 * 1200mm, 200 * 200 * 6000mm
Power: 800-10000kW
Heating temperature: 1100-1250 ℃
Application: Heating of bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate, automatic heating of square steel billet, forging of large billets.
 Energy Efficient 
Fully automatic billet forging furnace, also known as full-automatic billet diathermy furnace. It adopts the medium frequency to realize the  induction heating of the billets, which is a new type of high-tech equipment. The induction heating has replaced the traditional heating method, which uses oxygen, oven and salt residue furnace as fuel. Induction heating has fast heating speed, high temperature control accuracy, high heating efficiency, low energy consumption, high production efficiency and low production cost.

Heating Uniformity, Less Oxidation and Decarbonization
Due to the fast heating speed, less oxidative decarburization and high consistency of heating depth, the medium frequency induction heating equipment is widely used in industrial heating fields.

PLC Control System
The full-automatic billet forging furnace of FOCO induction adopts PLC control system and can be equipped with infrared temperature detector and automatic feeding machine to realize automatic production. Its high production efficiency and low labor cost are suitable for large-scale and large-volume factories.

Parameter Setting Function
Fully automatic billet forging furnace has parameter setting function, which can set the equipment's operation and heating parameters, optimize the heating process, and give full play to the performance of the equipment. In addition, the full-automatic billet forging furnace uses IGBT module and inverter control technology. The efficiency of the machine is above 95%, the heating efficiency is high, and the operation is stable and reliable.

 Environment Friendly 
The induction heating method is adopted, the heating speed is fast, the billet is heated uniformly, the heat radiation generated during the heating process is small, and there is no dust pollution, which is beneficial to environmental protection and the health of the operator.

Automatic Temperature Control
The PLC control system and infrared temperature detector can cooperate to accurately control the heating temperature of the billet, improve the production quality, accurately control the heating time, and improve production efficiency.

Automatic Billet Movement
The automatic feeding machine can move the billet placed on the work platform to the position to be heated. After heating to the set temperature, the PLC control system will automatically control the billet to move to the position of the next process. The entire process is completely controlled by the machine without manual operation. The production process is safe and the production efficiency is high.