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By FOCO induction | 27 July 2020 | 0 Comments

What is portable induction heating machine?

The portable induction heating machine is named for its small size and easy portability. It is also called portable induction heating power supply or portable induction heater. Portable induction heating machine is used in many occasions such as hardening, annealing, brazing, etc. For easy operation, it is often equipped with flexible cables, both flexible incoming cables and dedicated output cables, the length of which can reach 15m. For easy operation and to reduce energy loss, the output is also equipped with a hand-held transformer, on which small inductors can be installed. The middle of this output cable is through cooling water, which can cool the cable and the sensor.
At present, the rated input power of the small induction heating power supply can reach more than 250kV · A, and the frequency can reach 40kHz. This induction heating power supply can use 220V single-phase electricity on low power specifications, which is suitable for family factory operations.
The frequency of portable induction heating machine is generally higher, which is mainly suitable for brazing copper pipes, hardening and annealing of small workpieces.

FOCO induction's portable induction heating machine includes
UHF induction heating machine, Hand-held UHF induction brazing machine and Mobile intelligent integrated induction brazing machine.


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