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Annealing of copper products
  • Annealing of copper products

Annealing of copper products

Copper products annealing equipment
  • Brand: FOCO induction
  • Diameter: 20 ~ 150mm
  • Length: 2 ~ 20m
  • Non-standard professional customization
  • Power: 50-6000kW,
  • Frequency: 200-10000Hz
Features of copper products annealing equipment:
  • Adopting DSP control, it can capture phase-locked startup at high speed, meet frequent start and stop, and have high startup success rate.
  • Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, complete process records and strict level authority.
  • Quality standard: After heat treatment of this equipment, the yield strength, tensile strength, hardness, elongation and impact performance of copper pipes can reach the standard.
  • Medium frequency induction heating equipment for copper tube annealing is controlled by intelligent induction heating power supply.
Advantages of medium frequency induction heating equipment for copper tube annealing:
  • The copper tube annealing furnace has simple operation, flexible feeding and discharging, and high degree of automation.
  • The medium frequency induction heating equipment has fast heating speed, less oxide layer, uniform heating depth and high heating quality.
  • Equipped with a PLC control system, which can precisely control the heating length, heating speed and heating temperature of the workpiece.
  • Medium frequency induction heating is adopted. The heating depth can be precisely controlled according to requirements. The heating depth is uniform, the temperature difference from the surface to the core is small, and the deformation of the workpiece is small.
  • The induction coil is designed according to the size of the heated copper tube, and the gap between the induction coil and the copper tube is precisely controlled, and the heating efficiency is higher.
  • The PLC intelligent control system can set and store multiple heating programs, which is suitable for heating workpieces of different sizes.