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Annealing of steel strips
  • Annealing of steel strips

Annealing of steel strips

Steel strip annealing furnace
  • Application: For induction heating of steel strip.
  • Non-standard customization: According to your requirements, professional design and production for you.
  • Way of working: Automatic and manual.
  • Inverter: MF power supply.
  • Heating method: Induction heating of workpiece.
  • Parameter recording: PLC automatic recording.
  • Quality guarantee period: 12 months.
Features of steel strip annealing equipment:
  • The steel strip annealing furnace uses German Siemens IGBT components and unique inverter technology.
  • The heating time, heating temperature, heating power and cooling time can be adjusted to precisely control the heating process.
  • The steel strip annealing equipment designs the frequency and power of the induction heating machine according to the speed requirements, annealing temperature requirements and the size of the steel strip.
  • The steel strip annealing furnace adopts the principle of induction heating. The heating speed is fast, the heating depth is uniform, the heating quality is good, and the workpiece does not deform after processing.
  • The steel strip annealing machine can run continuously for 24 hours under full power, and the production efficiency is high.
  • The steel strip annealing furnace is equipped with a PLC intelligent control system to achieve full automation of production.
Application of steel strip annealing equipment:
  • Annealed drawing and annealing curling of stainless steel pots, stainless steel tanks, and stainless steel utensils.
  • Annealing of stainless steel tubes, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cups, etc.
  • Annealing of kitchen knife handle and blade.
  • Online annealing of steel wire and online annealing of stainless steel pipe.
  • Annealing of weld seam after welding of pipe fittings.