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Forging of steel billets
  • Forging of steel billets

Forging of steel billets

Hot forging is a method of heating the metal to a certain temperature, and then using a forging machine to apply pressure to the metal blank to cause plastic deformation to obtain a forging workpiece with certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size.

Working principle of steel billets induction heating and forging furnace:
The billet induction heating furnace is a fully automated forging equipment, equipped with a temperature measurement device, which can detect the temperature of the steel billets during the heating process, and use the time relay to control the production speed.
At the beginning of the feeding material, the pusher of the feeder pushes a steel billets into the induction coil, and then the induction heating machine starts heating the steel billets. After the steel billets is heated to the set temperature, the temperature sensor will be triggered, and then the pusher will push the steel billets out and fall on the roller table. The roller conveys the steel billets to the end of the roller, and then the steel billets is moved to the extruder for extrusion.
In general, in order to uniformly heat the steel billets, a holding furnace will be equipped on the production line.

Technical support for steel billets heating and forging furnace:
  • A service team composed of professionals is always ready to provide customer service with technical support for the installation, commissioning, trial operation, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of steel billets heating and forging equipment.
  • Through effective technical guidance, we ensure the reliability of the process and improve the qualification rate of the final product.
  • In order to quickly analyze the failure of induction heating equipment and provide accessories, we provide 24-hour after-sales service.
  • Our warehouse stocks the most commonly used accessories, which can be provided to users as soon as needed.
  • Each of our steel billets forging furnaces will be equipped with matching spare parts, such as: guide rails, induction coils (consumables).
  • We can provide technical support for workpiece inspection, analysis, calculation, equipment modification, product changes and program expansion, etc.
Outstanding advantages of steel billets induction forging furnace:
  • The furnace body of the steel billets heating and forging furnace adopts double insulation treatment, which increases the service life and reliability by 3 times. The thin furnace lining design is adopted to reduce space leakage. The power conversion efficiency is very high, which achieves the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.
  • The medium frequency voltage adopts voltage-doubling output, wide output slot and small copper bus gap design, which reduces line power loss and saves power by 10% to 15%.
  • We design the induction coils by integrating the design experience and advanced technology of thousands of induction coils. The induction coil of the heating and forging equipment of the steel billets adopts high-quality materials and computer model design to achieve the best matching of high-efficiency work, which saves energy consumption during operation, and consumes 380 kW·h per ton of forging workpiece.
  • It adopts PLC control system. The billet is monitored in the steel billets forging furnace. The forging program can be set and stored in advance, and the set parameters can be optimized.