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Hardening of guide rails
  • Hardening of guide rails

Hardening of guide rails

Guide rail special hardening equipment is a professional hardening furnace for metal surface heat treatment. Guide rail hardening equipment includes medium frequency induction heating power supply, Hardening transformer, internal circulation cooling system and induction coil.
FOCO induction has more than 15 years of production experience in the field of induction heating. The medium frequency induction heating equipment of FOCO induction has stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection and high production efficiency!
The special advantage of guide rail hardening equipment is that there is no crack in the workpiece after Hardening. In the Hardening process, when the stress generated by hardening is greater than the strength of the workpiece itself and exceeds the plastic deformation limit, cracks will result. In the design of our professional guide rail hardening equipment, after hardening, the workpiece has no overburning, no cracks, and with high hardness.
In the field of hardening, there are strict requirements for heating time and cooling temperature. Our intermediate frequency and high frequency induction heating machines can be applied to the Hardening requirements of most workpieces. It is equipped with a PLC control system, a programmable logic controller, a thermocouple temperature transmitter, and has three major machine operating modes.

Three operating modes:
First, constant current operation mode. When the current required for workpiece heating is being adjusted, the current of the machine can be set. When the machine is turned on next time, it can be run at the set current directly.
Second, constant temperature mode. When knowing the temperature that the workpiece needs to be heated, we can directly set the heating temperature, and the machine will automatically heat it. When the temperature reaches the required value, the machine automatically enters a constant temperature operation state.
Third, constant power operation mode. When the machine is running, set the power of the machine, the machine will continue to run at the set power and heat the workpiece.
Nowadays, induction heating power has moved towards high efficiency and intelligence, integrated in the production line to realize automated services. Heating solution, integrated in systematic engineering applications!

Our main induction hardening equipment includes:
  • Long shaft hardening equipment
  • Gear Hardening production line
  • Surface hardening equipment for sucker rods
  • Hammer head surface hardening machine
  • Guide rail special hardening equipment
  • Steel wire hardening and heat treatment furnace
  • Vertical double-station half-axis hardening equipment
  • Ball end hardening production line
  • Hardening furnace for petroleum drill pipe welds
  • Pin sleeve heat treatment and hardening furnace
  • Roll hardening equipment
  • Steel bar hardening and heat treatment equipment
  • Steel tube heat treatment and hardening production line