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Heating and forging of railway parts
  • Heating and forging of railway parts

Heating and forging of railway parts

Forging equipment for railway parts and other standard parts is a kind of heating equipment used for forging of metal workpieces. It can bring economic benefits and save energy consumption for industrial production.
Standard part heating and forging equipment also has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. The FOCO technical team produces high-quality intelligent forging equipment with strict control standards. Our equipment has simple and efficient operations to make your work valuable.

Features of Steel Bar Heating and Forging Furnace:
  • Small footprint, automatic loading and unloading, and robots can also be configured.
  • After being transformed into an energy-saving heating and forging furnace, it can save electricity by 30% and no pollution to the environment.
  • Uniform heat penetration and fast heating speed.
  • The heating and forging equipment can work continuously for 24 hours, and the temperature can reach 1800℃.
  • The induction heating coil is made of a variety of insulation treatments, knotted with high-grade refractory materials, and has a long service life.