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Hot assembly and disassembly of large bolts
  • Hot assembly and disassembly of large bolts

Hot assembly and disassembly of large bolts

For hot assembly and disassembly of bolts, we have developed special induction heating equipment, which first heats large bolts to expand the bolts and then assembles them. After the bolts are cooled, they can be tightened. This is a common method for the assembly process of large structural parts. When disassembling, the bolt is first heated and expanded to achieve the purpose of disassembly.

Compared with electric wire heating method or flame heating method, induction heating method has many advantages, such as:
  • Different from the electric wire heating method, the heat of induction heating directly acts on the bolt, and the heating speed is fast and efficient. It is 5-10 times faster than the electric wire heating speed, which greatly improves the production efficiency and solves the problem of easy annealing of the bolt.
  • Automatically control the temperature of the bolt to prevent overheating annealing and material degeneration of the bolt, and ensure that the bolt will not overheat.
  • The life of induction heating equipment is longer.
  • No wearing parts, lower operating costs.
  • The power supply, inductor, and even the connection components and installation methods of the induction heating equipment fully take into account the special process of thermal expansion of the bolt and the need for rapid operation.