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Online consulting services
FOCO induction technology team mainly serves the fields of metal heating and forging, heat treatment of automotive parts, welding of industrial tools and metal smelting, etc. With many years of market experience and rich experience in production and research and development, we can ensure that we provide customers with comprehensive consulting services and solve customers' heating problems. Please feel free to consult us! Our experienced engineers will provide you with the best solution.
Phone: +86-155-3818-9155
Sample testing services
FOCO induction technology team has its own process laboratory, which can provide sample testing services. We can design precise coils according to the special requirements of the parts to be heated, and choose the most suitable test equipment (induction coils, heating power supplies, auxiliary devices) to test your samples. We recommend the most suitable power and frequency based on the test results and provide a test report, which means that you can get a clear and correct heating effect, and minimize the cost of equipment operation.
Installation operation service
In terms of installation, all line interfaces of FOCO Induction are designed for quick plug-in, and we provide installation instructions and installation videos of induction heating equipment to ensure that the equipment installation is completed successfully.
In terms of operation, FOCO Induction provides operating instructions and provides training and commissioning services.
Comprehensive after-sales service ensures that your induction heating system can be put into use smoothly.
After sales service
The heating equipment of FOCO induction technology team is of very good quality and can normally be operated for at least 10 years.
For equipment failure, we provide 24-hour after-sales service. Any questions, we will communicate within 24 hours.
FOCO induction technology team can provide repair manual service and online video repair service to help you solve the problem with the highest efficiency. We can also send an engineer for repairs. Through fast and efficient repair services, we guarantee to minimize downtime and repair time.
Parts replacement service
FOCO induction technology team provide a large stock of spare parts and components for various equipment, such as melting equipment, tempering equipment, induction forging equipment, induction brazing equipment, special induction heating equipment, so as to replenish your inventory at any time, ensuring that you can easily replace or repair when needed.
The quality of the original parts provided by FOCO induction technology team is the same as the standard quality of the equipment, ensuring the reliability of the parts and a longer service life.