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Full automatic forging furnace
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  • Full automatic forging furnace

Full automatic forging furnace

Item No.: FC-FC
Power: 25kW-250kW
Bar diameter: 12-150mm
Temperature: 1100 ℃ for heating of steel and stainless steel rods, 700 ℃ for heating of brass rods.
Application: Heating of steel rods, copper rods, iron rods and aluminum rods, partial heating, end heating.
Electromagnetic Induction Heating
The medium frequency induction forging furnace uses the principle of medium frequency electromagnetic induction heating. After the induction coil is energized, a magnetic field is generated. The magnetic field lines cut metal bars such as steel bars, copper bars, iron bars, and aluminum bars, thereby generating an induced current inside the bar, that is, eddy current. This induced current enables the metal bar to be heated quickly, and it can reach the required temperature in a very short time. The heating time is short, and the metal material is uniformly heated. The surface of the heated bar is less oxidized and the workpiece is less deformed.

Energy Saving
Compared with traditional heating methods such as fuel oil and coal, induction heating has the advantages of faster heating speed, higher production efficiency, lower energy consumption, and more environmental protection. The medium frequency induction forging furnace adopts IGBT transistor device with small energy loss and inverter control technology, and the overall efficiency can reach more than 95%. Its energy saving effect is remarkable, the heat penetration is more uniform, and the heating quality is better.

Automatic Loading and Unloading
It can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system, which significantly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Good Working Environment
During operation, its heat radiation is small and dust pollution is small, so it meets environmental protection requirements.

PLC inItelligent Control System
It can be equipped with a PLC intelligent control system to adjust parameters such as operating power and frequency, so the temperature control accuracy is high, the oxidation loss is small, the automation is high, and the product quality can be guaranteed.