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Gear hardening equipment
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Gear hardening equipment

Item No.: FC-VH
Model: FC-VH
Power: 15-160kW
Shafts: φ10-300mm, L: 50-1500mm
Gears: φ20-300mm, H: 10-600mm
Application: Hardening and tempering of various metal workpieces and automotive parts, such as induction hardening of shafts, gears, discs, etc.
High-frequency Hardening
The FOCO technical team specializes in the development and production of induction heating equipment, high-frequency hardening equipment and fully automatic CNC hardening machine tools. The gear high-frequency hardening equipment is mainly used for high-frequency hardening of various automotive parts, such as induction hardening of crankshafts, connecting rods, piston pins, camshafts, valves, gears, various forks, spline shafts, transmission shafts, small shaft, crank pins, various rocker arms and rocker shafts, etc.

CNC Control System/PLC Control System
The gear high-frequency hardening equipment adopts CNC control system or PLC intelligent control system and variable frequency speed regulation system to realize the positioning and scanning of metal workpieces, and it is connected to the induction power supply via PLC to realize fully automated production. It has the functions of continuous hardening, simultaneous hardening, segmented continuous hardening, and segmented simultaneous hardening.

Touch Screen Control
The CNC control system of the high-frequency hardening machine can compile and store various hardening process programs according to the heating requirements of different metal workpieces. The machine adopts human-machine interface and electric control system (PLC), and uses touch screen to set parameters (such as workpiece number, counter, heating power, heating time, etc.), with high control precision and high degree of automation.

Temperature Control
The high-frequency hardening equipment is equipped with an infrared temperature detector. The temperature during the heat treatment can be controlled, the heating quality is good, the depth of the hardened layer is consistent after hardening, and the oxidation is small and the deformation is small. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and automation.