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Hand-held UHF induction brazing machine
  • Hand-held UHF induction brazing machine
  • Hand-held UHF induction brazing machine
  • Hand-held UHF induction brazing machine
  • Hand-held UHF induction brazing machine

Hand-held UHF induction brazing machine

Item No.: FC-UHF
Model: UHF
Power: 6 kW, 10 kW, 30 kW
Frequency: 200-500 kHz
Voltage: Single phase 220 V / three phase 380 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Application: Brazing of carbide saw blades and teeth, brazing of spectacle frames, brazing of jewellery, brazing of copper tubes, e

What is hand-held induction brazing machine?

Hand-held induction brazing machine, also called portable induction brazing machine, is a machine that uses induction heating for brazing. It uses flexible cables and very light hand-held heating head technology. The length of the flexible cable can reach more than 10 meters, which is very advantageous in some places with limited space. In places where the machine cannot be accessed, the operator only needs to bring a hand-held heating head to enter the limited space for induction brazing operations. The machine can be equipped with wheels, and the hand-held heating head is very light, so we call it a portable induction brazing machine.


Induction heater. UHF handheld induction brazing machine uses UHF series induction heaters. With IGBT module from Infineon, its power output is more stable. Working 24 hours a day is so easy.
Flexible cable. The length of the flexible cable for a 6 kW machine is about 1.5 m. The length of the flexible cable for 10 kW and 30 kW machines is about 5 m. If you need, we can also provide longer flexible cables, such as 10m or longer. 
Heating head. The weight of our latest UHF series heating head is only 1 kg. Compared with the traditional heating head weighing more than 2kg, the new heating head greatly reduces the work intensity of the operator.
Induction coil. Induction coils include circular closed induction coils, open type induction coils and special-shaped induction coils. For customized induction coils, contact FOCO induction now! 

Cooling water system

The cooling system of the portable induction brazing machine is very important for the long-term stable operation of the entire brazing system. More than 80% of failures are caused by the cooling system.
According to the suggestions of engineers from FOCO induction, industrial chillers are very necessary. Because of the existence of flexible cables, the length of the water circulation loop of the induction coil is very long, and the water pressure requirements are very high. It is a challenge to reduce the water temperature of the induction coil. Sometimes the cooling system of the water pump + water tank mode cannot effectively reduce the temperature of the induction coil. You need a more powerful cooling water system.
The Handheld UHF induction brazing machine is not equipped with a cooling water system. You need to pay separately for the cooling water system.
If you want a portable induction brazing machine with a cooling water system, please visit our FB-WC induction brazing machine.

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