Mini melting furnace
Model: FC-A-220-2 Voltage: Single phase 220V AC Power: 1000 / 1500W Working temperature: 1150℃ Capacity: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg Application: Portable mini melting furnace is used for melting precious metals such as gold, silver and copper.
Precious metal melting furnace
Model: FC-MF Voltage: 220V 380V Power: 3kW-15kW Working temperature: 1800℃ Capacity: 1kg-8kg Application: Melting of gold, silver and copper.
Portable melting furnace
Model: HF-15 / 25 Voltage: 220V 280V Power: 15kW / 25kW Working temperature: 1700℃ Capacity: 0.5-1kg of aluminum, steel, iron and stainless steel; 2-3kg of gold, silver and copper. Application: Melting of gold, platinum, silver, copper, etc.