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Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-110KW
  • Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-110KW
  • Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-110KW
  • Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-110KW

Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-110KW

Item No.: MF-110
Model: MF-110kW
Power: 110kW
Frequency: 1-10kHz
Voltage: Three-phase 380V 50 / 60Hz
Application: Heating, forging, melting, hot assembly and disassembly, heating and expansion of steel pipe, heat penetration, quenching, preheating, tempering, etc.
The Principle of Electromagnetic Induction Heating
Induction heating is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. An medium frequency current is passed through an induction heating coil (usually made of a copper tube) that is made into a ring or other shape. The induction coil generates a strong magnetic beam. When the metal workpiece to be heated is placed in the coil, the magnetic field lines will cut the metal workpiece, and then a large induced current will be generated inside the metal, namely eddy current. Joule heat is generated under the action of the internal resistance of the metal, which causes the temperature of the metal to rise rapidly, thereby achieving the purpose of heating the metal. This heating method is non-contact heating, which has less power loss, high heating efficiency, fast heating speed, and easy to control the depth of heating, thereby achieving overall heating or local heating.

Advanced Semiconductor Power Devices
High power medium frequency induction heating machines have always used thyristor as the main component. Because the thyristor can not be turned off automatically, and the efficiency is low and the stability of the load is poor, the output voltage of the inverter often intermittently oscillates during light-load operation. Therefore, on high-power medium frequency induction heating equipment, IGBT semiconductor devices have been used instead of thyristor devices.

High Efficiency, Reliable Quality
With IGBT semiconductor devices, induction heating equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, fast heating speed, easy control of the heating process, less oxidation and decarburization, and reliable quality of the heating process. Therefore, the use of IGBT components in high-power induction heating machines is the best choice.

Customized Heating Machines
FOCO induction technical team can customize induction heating machines for special purposes according to customer requirements, such as hot forging equipment for high-strength bolts and nuts, heat disassembly equipment for metal standard parts, forging equipment for metal gates, forging equipment for iron parts, induction heating equipment for hot-rolled drill bits, induction heating equipment for hot-rolled twist drills, induction heating and forging equipment for iron flowers, high-frequency forging equipment for stainless steel tableware, IGBT medium-frequency forging equipment for auto parts, medium-frequency induction forging equipment for axe and forks, induction quenching equipment for high-strength fasteners, hot forging equipment for sockets, induction forging equipment for flat steel, forging equipment for square steel, heating and forging equipment for steel bars and round bars, forging equipment for sucker rod ends, fully automatic medium-frequency induction forging furnace for bar stock, IGBT medium-frequency forging equipment, new medium-frequency precision forging equipment.