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Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-25KW
  • Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-25KW
  • Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-25KW
  • Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-25KW

Medium frequency induction heating machine MF-25KW

Item No.: MF-25
Model: MF-25kW
Power: 25kW
Frequency: 1-10kHz
Voltage: Three-phase 380V 50 / 60Hz
Application: Heating and forging, melting, shrink fitting, heat penetration, quenching of shafts, preheating and tempering, etc.
Principle of Electromagnetic Induction Heating
The medium frequency induction heating machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to make the metal workpiece placed in the induction coil generate an induced current, that is, eddy current, so that the workpiece is heated to the required temperature.

Powerful Power Output
The medium frequency induction heating machine uses a parallel resonance circuit. Through the induction coil designed with other equipment, the actual output power of the motor can reach more than 80%.

Energy Saving, Environment-friendly
Compared with traditional heating methods, medium frequency induction heating machines have the advantages of high efficiency, low pollution and low energy consumption. Medium frequency induction heating machines can save more than 20% of energy, has no pollution during the production process, which makes the working environment healthier and improves the company's environment. Induction heating machine has a wide range of applications in metal forging and metal heat treatment industries.

Perfect Protection Function
FOCO medium frequency induction heating machine adopts German Siemens IGBT inverter circuit, with all-round protection functions, such as automatic alarm function for overcurrent, water shortage, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit and lack-phase, which greatly improves the reliability of the machine.

Visualization of Operating Status
The induction heating machine's display screen can display a variety of operating data, such as current, voltage, power, which makes the work situation visual. The medium frequency induction heating machine can also be equipped with an infrared thermometer to achieve automatic temperature control, which improves heating quality and temperature control accuracy.

24 HoursContinuous Operation
The medium frequency induction heating machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, and excellent thermal processing quality. It is a new generation of metal induction heating machine that can reach 100% full load rate and can run continuously for 24 hours.

Low Melting Production Costs
When the medium frequency induction heating machine is used for melting of the non-magnetic materials such as stainless steel, copper, industrial silicon, aluminum, etc., the melting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the loss of material elements is small, which greatly reduces the waste of raw materials and lowers the production cost.

Large Heating Depth
Due to the medium frequency, the MF induction heating machine is mainly used for deep heating or heat penetration of metal workpieces, such as quenching of large workpieces, hot forging of bars, metal smelting, full tempering of molds and preheating before welding, etc.

Operating Frequency Design
Our medium frequency induction heater machines with different powers can match multiple frequencies. The frequency range is 1kHz ~ 10kHz. According to the customer's specific heat treatment process requirements, and considering factors such as heating depth, heating efficiency, heating position, electromagnetic stirring force, etc., our engineers design the most suitable operating frequency range to achieve the best heating effect.