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FB-WC Portable Induction Brazing Machine For Sale
  • FB-WC Portable Induction Brazing Machine For Sale
  • FB-WC Portable Induction Brazing Machine For Sale
  • FB-WC Portable Induction Brazing Machine For Sale
  • FB-WC Portable Induction Brazing Machine For Sale

FB-WC Portable Induction Brazing Machine For Sale

Item No.: FB-WC
Model: FB-WC
Power: 15kW, 25kW, 35kW
Frequency: 30-100kHz, 400-800kHz
Voltage: Single phase 220V / 380V 50 / 60Hz
Application: Brazing of cutting tools, brazing of diamond tools, brazing of saw blades, etc.
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Induction Brazing Machine For Sale

Induction brazing machine for sale is an FB-WC induction heating machine designed and manufactured by FOCO induction. Mainly used for brazing metal workpieces, such as brazing of copper pipes and saw blades.
FB-WC Induction Brazing Machine is portable, with water cooling system and PLC control system, it is the most advanced induction brazing equipment.

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Structure of FB-WC Portable Induction Brazing Machine

The induction brazing machine of the FB-WC series is portable and mainly includes induction heater, PLC control system, water cooling system, hand-held heating head and induction coil.

Induction heater for brazing

Professional induction heaters for brazing use different frequencies and powers. Its frequency range mainly includes high frequency (30Khz to 100Khz) and ultra high frequency (100Khz to 800Khz). The power is available from 6kW to 60kW.
Infineon's IGBT module makes the performance of the induction heater for brazing more stable and efficient.

Water cooling system for induction brazing machine

Water cooling system uses industrial chillers. It mainly includes compressor, blower, condensers, evaporators and circulating pump. The water cooling system is built into the induction brazing machine, which can effectively cool the induction heater and induction coil.

PLC control system

The PLC system of the FB-WC series induction brazing machine adopts the international well-known brand.
Adjustable power
Adjustable heating time
Water temperature display
Water cooling system operating status display

Portable heating head

There are two types of hand-held heating heads, one is a light one weighing 1 kg, and the other is an ordinary one weighing about 2 kg. The length of the equipped flexible cable is generally 3 meters to 5 meters, and the longest can reach more than 10 meters.

Induction brazing coils

The induction brazing coils are made of pure copper. As a manufacturer of induction brazing machines, FOCO induction can provide custom-designed induction coils, including ordinary circular coils and special-shaped coils. The induction coil will be designed according to the shape of the workpiece.

How induction brazing machine works?

The induction brazing machine mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to work. First, place the brazing filler at the position to be brazed, and the metal workpiece surrounded by the induction coil and the brazing filler will be heated. The brazing filler material with low melting point will melt quickly and fill the gap of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of brazing. The whole brazing process is very fast and only takes a few seconds.

induction brazing copper pipe

The Induction Brazing Machine of the FB-WC series is very suitable for brazing copper pipes, and the portable heating head is very popular among operators. When induction brazing copper pipes, we usually provide two types of induction coils, open-ended induction coils and closed circular induction coils.
In the manufacturing process of air-conditioning compressors, there is a great demand for brazing of copper pipes. We have specially designed and manufactured induction brazing machines with dual portable heating heads. One machine can meet the needs of two production lines, and two operators operate the two heating heads in turn.

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