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UHF induction heating machine UHF-6KW
  • UHF induction heating machine UHF-6KW
  • UHF induction heating machine UHF-6KW

UHF induction heating machine UHF-6KW

Item No.: UHF-6
Model: UHF-6kW
Power: 6kW
Frequency: 200-500kHz
Voltage: Single phase 220V 50 / 60Hz
Applications: Welding, annealing of wires and thin metal strips. Cable length: 3-50 meters long (customizable) to meet different needs.
The Third-generation Inverter Control Technology
FOCO ultra-high frequency induction heating machine uses the third-generation inverter control technology. Based on parallel resonance, it independently regulates power and frequency. It uses IGBT components and automatic frequency tracking technology to accurately control the inverter process, which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the operation of the high-power equipment, and achieves 100% load rate.

Stable, Reliable
The UHF induction heating machine adopts the third-generation inverter control technology of FOCO induction, and uses Siemens IGBT power devices to make the output frequency of UHF induction heating equipment up to 250-300kHz, and the operation is stable and reliable.

High Temperature Control Accuracy
The ultra-high frequency induction heating machine can independently adjust the heating power, heating time, holding power, holding time, and can effectively control the heating curve and heating temperature, which improves the heating control accuracy and heating quality.

Accurate Welding Position
The ultra-high frequency induction heating machine runs at a stable ultra-high frequency with stable energy output and it runs without vibration, which ensures that the welding position is accurate. The diameter of the weldable metal can reach 0.1mm.

Good Welding Quality
The ultra-high frequency induction heating machine of FOCO induction can adjust the power and heating time, it can heat up quickly, also maintain the welding temperature after the solder is melted, so that the solder fully fills the welding seam to achieve a full seam effect. Different induction heating coils can be customized according to the different shapes of metal workpieces.