FOCO induction factory

The Best Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer In China

Founded in 2003 and located in Zhengzhou, China, FOCO induction has been committed to the research and application of induction heating technology for more than ten years. Starting from the simplest high-frequency induction heating machine at the beginning, FOCO induction has now developed into a comprehensive manufacturer in the induction heating industry, providing a full range of equipment and solutions for industrial heating. In order to expand its business, FOCO induction has established a customer support center in Brazil, South America.

Our biggest advantage is still in induction brazing technology and induction hardening technology. We have been providing customers with the most economical and practical brazing system and hardening system, and never reduce the quality of the equipment. Our technology and system design save customers operating costs. The FB-WC series induction brazing machine developed by FOCO induction has a water cooling system and a digital control system, and can be equipped with two heating heads to work in turn on two production lines.

induction brazing of parts
induction brazing of copper tubes

Our mission is to help you improve the efficiency of industrial heating and reduce costs. FOCO induction maintains close cooperation with customers, from the heating test of the workpiece, system design, equipment manufacturing, installation to the completion of the trial operation. We are very proud to provide customers with a variety of solutions, including fully automated, semi-automated and customized induction heating systems.

FOCO induction can provide induction heating machines with a frequency range from 1 kHZ to 800 kHZ and a power from 6 kW to 200 kW. Our product range covers a full range of induction heating equipment from induction brazing machines, induction hardening machines, induction melting furnaces to induction forging furnaces.