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FOCO induction was founded in Zhengzhou, China, in 2003. The organization has been dedicated to researching and applying induction heating technology for over ten years. FOCO induction began with the most basic high-frequency induction heating machine. Since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive manufacturer in the induction heating industry, offering a full range of industrial heating equipment and solutions. In an effort to grow its clientele, FOCO induction has now expanded its reach to Brazil.

Induction Heating Solutions With FOCO Technology

Induction optimization of industrial heating processes. As a professional supplier of induction heating solutions, we provide complete heating system solutions to more than 200 customers every year.

  • Complete induction heating system
  • Cost-effective induction heating process
  • Safe and stable production
  • Low cost investment
Induction Heating Solution

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Our Induction Heating Machines

Our induction heating machines range from 1 kHz to 800 kHz. Its power ranges from 6 kW to 200 kW. Our product line includes induction brazing machines to induction hardening machines, melting furnaces, and induction forging furnaces.