Proper induction heating coil construction is the key to getting maximum performance from your process, and our experience sets us apart from others in the custom induction heating business. Using our proprietary, cutting-edge coil design software, we leverage the process parameters you specify and data from part drawings to design the optimal coil size and shape for your application.

We produce high-quality, affordable, complete induction systems integrated with materials handling, cooling systems, controls, and quality monitoring systems, all surrounding an induction heating/melting process.

Coil Refurbishing

FOCO specializes in the refurbishment and manufacturing of custom inductors. We work with a wide variety of coils for induction melt applications.

As a result, FOCO can tailor your coil package to maximize performance and product quality to meet your precise heating and application requirements. FOCO can also offer multi-coil designs to heat numerous locations or parts simultaneously.

Our experience ensures dependable, effective operation, whether you are dealing with standard or custom-built induction heating and melting applications.

Repairing Coils

The process for repairing an induction coil begins with damaged locks being shipped to FOCO’s facility and are then examined before being repaired. Our dedication to quality and fast turnaround on induction coil repairs will get you up and running fast.

Third-Party Hardware, Not A Problem

If you use another company’s induction gear, we can provide you with a brand-new, higher-efficiency coil. In addition, we offer high-quality service, from designing and building new coils to refurbishing your existing coils, including making a loaner. We design, build, and repair high-quality, turnkey, fully automated, general-purpose induction heating equipment.

If you decide replacing your coil is a better value than refurbishing it, we will build you a new coil from an older design. We can reduce expensive downtime in your facility by rapidly refurbishing or replacing your coils—any shape, size, or brand of coil—regardless if we manufacture it or it is made by one of our competitors.


FOCO offers induction technology consultation services to assist our customers. We suggest various proven, hands-on induction heating methods to small and large companies. We carefully analyze the requirements of your application and then make recommendations for optimal induction, automation, and total fabrication processes for your applications.


At FOCO, we’ll make a loaner induction coil, in which we build a duplicate coil from our customer’s rig, which we store in a rack, and lend it out when we work on their induction coil repairs.

Our experience ensures dependable, effective operation, whether you are dealing with standard or custom-built induction heating and melting applications.

Custom Induction Heating Coil Designs

Induction coil designs can significantly affect the part’s quality, process efficiency, and production costs. Designing the optimal induction coil requires a thorough analysis of the parts, heat treatment specifications, manufacturing speed, operating sequence, materials handling, induction system parameters, the environmental conditions the induction coil will be operating in, and cooling design. A well-designed, industrial-grade induction coil may last as much as 30 times longer depending on the application, care, and environment compared with an inexpensive coil and may be the difference between compliant and non-compliant parts.

Our technicians are highly trained, having been examining, refurbishing, and rebuilding coils for over 20 years here in Zhengzhou. In addition, FOCO staff works directly with customers to design complete coil maintenance programs.