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Portable Induction Brazing Machine

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Portable Induction Brazing Machine2023-05-15T15:13:15+08:00
  • UHF-6KW Portable induction brazing machine
  • UHF-10KW Portable induction brazing machine
  • UHF-30KW Portable induction brazing machine

The FOCO portable induction brazing machine provides a high-quality heating process for copper tube brazing.

Light, portable, and quick, our machine with induction brazing gun makes your heating process more efficient.

Model: UHF
Power: 6 kW, 10 kW, 30 kW
Frequency: 200-500 kHz
Voltage: single-phase 220 V, three-phase 380 V

Portable Induction Brazing Machine for Sale

Benefit your copper pipe joints with induction brazing


  • IGBT modules. The power output is stable.
  • Portable induction brazing gun. Can work in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Lightweight heat gun. The weight is only 1 KG – 2.4 KG.
  • Running fault alarm. When there are overvoltage, overcurrent, or high water temperature, the machine will automatically alarm and stop running.
  • Easy to automate. It can be integrated into the production line to automate the production process and increase productivity.

Optional equipment

  • Custom Induction Coils
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Industrial chiller
  • Extended Flexible Cable


ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyWeightSizeCable size
UHF-6KW6KW1Phase*220 V200-500KHZ35KG590*380*670mm1m
UHF-10KW10KW3Phase*380 V200-500KHZ70KG6300*420*670mm3m
UHF-30KW30KW3Phase*380 V200-500KHZ90KG830*780*780mm5m



The portable induction brazing equipment is mainly used for brazing of metal products, copper-clad pipe brazing, silver welding, tin brazing, etc.

Induction Brazing

Induction Brazing

Removable and equipped with flexible cables. It can work in hard to reach areas. Mainly used for brazing copper pipes, hardware tools, saw blades and electronic components.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening

Mainly used for surface hardening of various carbon steels. It can control the depth of heating within 0.8-2mm.

Steel strip annealing

Induction Annealing

Induction heating is a high-quality annealing method. It is mainly used for annealing thin workpieces such as steel strip, iron wire, aluminum tube, and steel pipe.


What is a portable induction brazing machine?2023-04-21T15:37:14+08:00

Induction brazing machines with portable heating gun use ultra-high frequency induction heater as the induction heating power supply. It is equipped with a handheld heating gun and flexible cable. It is mostly used for the brazing of copper pipes.

What are the advantages of portable induction brazing machines?2023-04-21T15:38:06+08:00

Benefits of portable induction brazing machine:

  • Small, lightweight, portable and easy to handle
  • Heat only the area to be brazed
  • Provides high brazing quality
  • Reduce decarburization and oxidation
  • No flame, safe and reliable
  • Clean energy with virtually no fume
How to choose a cooling system for the UHF induction brazing sistem?2023-04-22T17:40:09+08:00

The brazing equipment with portable heating gun generally uses industrial chillers to dissipate heat. The portable induction brazing process requires powerful water pressure and a cooling system that produces cryogenic water. Because the cooling water needs to pass through a flexible cable of up to 5 meters to enter the heat gun. Only an industrial chiller can guarantee the required cooling effect and keep the water temperature in the heat gun below 35°C.

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