• UHF-6KW Portable induction brazing machine
  • UHF-10KW Portable induction brazing machine
  • UHF-30KW Portable induction brazing machine

Portable Induction Brazing Machine

FOCO portable induction brazing machine provides high quality heating process for copper tube brazing.

Light, portability and fast speed are our efforts in the application of portable induction brazing machine to make your heating process more efficient..

Model: UHF
Power: 6KW, 10KW, 30KW
Frequency: 200-500KHZ
Voltage: single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V

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Portable induction brazing machines increase your productivity.

What is portable induction brazing machine?

Portable induction brazing machine uses ultra high frequency induction heating machine as the induction heating power supply. It is equipped with a handheld heating head and flexible cable and mostly used for brazing of copper pipes.


  • Small, light, portable, and easy to operate.
  • Heat the part to be brazed only.
  • Provide high brazing quality with less decarbonization and oxidation.
  • Use IGBT module, providing stable power output.


ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyWeightSizeCable size
UHF-6KW6KW1Phase*220 V200-500KHZ35KG590*380*670mm2m
UHF-10KW10KW3Phase*380 V200-500KHZ70KG6300*420*670mm3m
UHF-30KW30KWColumn 3 Value 3200-500KHZ90KG830*780*780mm5m


The portable induction brazing equipment is mainly used for brazing of metal products, copper-clad pipe brazing, silver welding, tin brazinging, etc.

  • Brazing of copper pipes, including radiator copper pipes, air-conditioning compressor copper pipes, etc.
  • Welding of jewelry, including brazing of rings, welding of spectacle frames, and welding of watch parts.
  • Brazing of saw blades, welding of hardware tools.
  • Welding of electronic components, including silver welding and soldering of electrodes, welding of vibrators, etc.

How to cool the portable induction brazing equipment?

Industrial water chillers are generally used to cool portable induction brazing equipment. As the cooling water needs to enter the heating head through the flexible cable to keep the temperature of water in the copper pipe of the heating head below 35℃, it requires strong water pressure and low-temperature water. Only industrial water chillers can ensure the required cooling effect.

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