What is Induction Hardening?

Induction hardening is the most effective heat treatment method to improve the surface wear resistance and hardness of metal parts. It rapidly heats carbon steel parts to a set temperature by induction heating and then cools quickly. Induction hardened metal workpieces increase in hardness.

The most significant benefit of induction hardening is its controllability and repeatability. You can set the position and temperature of the heated metal workpiece. You can also precisely control the depth and time of hardening by adjusting the power, frequency, and induction coil of the hardening equipment. This ensures consistent results for metal workpieces.

FOCO induction hardening equipment can be integrated into your production line to automate the entire production process. Depending on the production process, you can also quench in water, oil or air. Our engineers can evaluate your application needs free of charge and provide you with a complete solution.


Induction Surface Hardening of Heavy Metal Workpieces

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