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Induction Heating Machines

Induction heating power supply, induction heating machine for sale, we are a professional induction heating power supply manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Induction Heating Machines2023-05-17T10:05:20+08:00

FOCO induction heating power supply includes induction heating machines of high frequency, ultra high frequency, medium frequency and super audio frequency series. They demonstrate excellent performance in processes such as induction hardening, annealing, brazing, metal melting, forging forming, and shrink fitting.

FOCO induction heating machine adopts IGBT heating element, and adopts modular design as a whole. With the third generation of inverter technology it provides high quality heating process and results for industrial heating.

We can custom manufacture suitable induction heating systems for any of your workpiece heating needs and allow automation of the production process.

Industrial Induction Heating Machines for Sale

High frequency induction heating machine

High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

HF series high-frequency induction heating power supply has excellent performance and is mainly used for induction hardening, heating of small bars, melting of a small amount of metal, annealing, tempering, shrink assembly, brazing and pipe heating.

Power: 15 kW – 120 kW
Frequency: 30kHz – 80kHz

Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine

MF series medium frequency induction heating equipment has excellent heat penetration performance and is mainly used for heating large workpieces, quenching of large gears and shafts, metal smelting, forging molding, and billet heating.

Power: 15 kW – 300 kW
Frequency: 1kHz – 10kHz

Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine
Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The heating speed of UHF series ultra-high frequency induction heating power supply is very fast, it is very suitable for heating small and miniature workpieces, such as saw blade quenching, miniature bearing and gear quenching, copper tube brazing, carbide tool brazing, jewelry brazing, steel with annealing.

Power: 6 kW – 40 kW
Frequency: 150kHz – 800kHz

Super Audio Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The heating quality of SF series induction heating equipment is more uniform. It is widely used in the heating of various mechanical metal parts, including automobile parts, motorcycle parts, hardware tool heating, forging molding, etc.

Power: 40 kW – 200 kW
Frequency: 25kHz – 50kHz

Super audio frequency induction heating machine

We are a professional induction heating machine manufacturer! Contact us now to get support or the best price!


  • IGBT power module, low loss, more energy-saving
  • The third generation inverter technology, real-time feedback, higher power performance
  • Modular design, easy to replace and maintain
  • Constant power and constant current dual operation mode
  • Voltage, current, water temperature and water leakage monitoring
  • Various combinations of power and frequency to meet various heating needs

Optional equipment

  • Custom induction coils. The induction coil is customized according to the customer’s application requirements.
  • Foot switch. Use the foot switch to control the operation of the device.
  • Infrared thermometer. Realize temperature monitoring and control of heating system.
  • Water cooling system. According to different environmental requirements, industrial chillers or cooling towers are equipped.

Heating Applications

Induction heating power supply is crucial in the field of industrial heating. It is commonly used for induction melting, hardening, brazing, annealing, and tempering. It is also used in the melting, foundry, automobile, and home appliance industries for various heating treatment links.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening

Increase the hardness and wear resistance of steel workpieces and prolong the service life.

Induction Brazing

Induction Brazing

Fast and efficient brazing method for copper pipes and aluminum parts.

Induction Melting

Induction Melting

Fast and safe induction melting of metals such as iron, steel, copper, aluminum, gold and silver.

Induction Forging

Induction Forging

The application of induction heating in the metal forging industry.

Induction Annealing

Induction Annealing

The purpose of induction annealing is to reduce the hardness of the workpiece and improve the machining performance.


What is an induction heating machine for sale?2023-04-19T17:05:30+08:00

Induction heating machine for sale, also called induction heating power supply or induction heater for sale, is a machine that uses electromagnetic induction to heat conductive objects. Induction heating machines manufactured by FOCO factory are mainly used for metal heating. Such as melting of iron and copper, surface hardening of gears, brazing of copper joints, annealing of stainless steel, etc.

Why should you buy an induction heating machine?2023-04-19T17:05:08+08:00

Buying an induction heating machine is undoubtedly a very wise decision. It can bring many benefits to your industrial heating process, such as energy saving, increased production speed, safe production, environmental friendliness, etc. Induction heating is less expensive than fuel heating. Many business owners choose to purchase a new induction heating machine for a new project, or to replace an existing traditional flame heating equipment or electric resistance furnace.

What are the advantages of induction heating machines?2023-04-19T17:04:46+08:00
  1. Electromagnetic induction heating directly generates heat inside the metal, which is a non-contact heating.
  2. It is more efficient to use induction heating, and its heat loss is 20%-30% lower than traditional heating methods.
  3. Due to higher heating efficiency and low heat loss, it is more energy-saving and less costly than flame heating and resistance heating.
  4. The induction heating equipment does not produce flames when it is working, which is safer.
  5. High control precision. By matching power and frequency, the depth of heating can be controlled.
  6. Ease of automation. Induction heaters can be well integrated in the production line to realize automatic production and improve production efficiency.
  7. Automatic temperature control. With an infrared thermometer, the temperature of the metal surface can be monitored, and the power of the induction heating power supply can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature.
How to choose the frequency of induction heating machine?2023-04-19T17:04:22+08:00

Factors to consider when choosing the frequency of an induction heating machine: Depth of heating. Generally speaking, the higher the frequency, the smaller the heating depth. Therefore, surface quenching generally chooses high-frequency or ultra-high-frequency machines. Generally, when selecting the frequency, it will be considered comprehensively according to the heating speed and temperature requirements, and then match the machine with the appropriate power.

Common frequencies for induction heating machines:

  • High frequency: 30kHz-100kHz.
  • Medium frequency: 1kHz-10kHz.
  • Ultra high frequency: 200kHz-800kHz.
  • Super audio frequency: 20kHz-50kHz.
How to choose the best induction heating machine supplier?2023-04-19T17:03:58+08:00

To choose the correct induction heating equipment supplier and factory should comprehensively consider the various characteristics of the manufacturer. Here are some main properties:

  • Supplier experience. Does the factory have rich experience in similar projects?
  • Induction technology. Can the manufacturer’s technology allow the performance of the induction heating system, especially the power and frequency of the induction heating power supply to meet the needs of the heating process?
  • Feasibility of the solution. Can the induction heating solution provided by the supplier meet the process requirements of induction heating, and whether it has the convenience of production and the economy of operation?
  • Cost. Does the machine provide the best cost-effectiveness? You need to consider induction heating machine price, running cost, maintenance cost, etc.
  • After sale service. Can the supplier provide after-sales service? Quick installation of equipment and after-sales maintenance is very important for the normal operation of the equipment.

FOCO INDUCTION is an experienced induction heating equipment supplier, we are proud of being able to provide customers with cost-effective induction heating systems. Contact us now!

How to choose the cooling system for induction heating machine?2023-04-19T17:03:36+08:00

Induction heating equipment can use 4 different types of water cooling systems:

  • Simple water cooling system
  • Open cooling tower
  • Closed cooling tower
  • Industrial Chiller

The characteristics of these cooling systems are different, and you need to choose according to your needs.


Learn more about cooling systems!

Do I need to buy a cooling system separately for FOCO induction heating machine?2023-04-19T17:03:14+08:00

Yes. But FOCO INDUCTION can provide you induction heating machine with built-in industrial chiller.

How long is the warranty period?2023-04-19T17:02:40+08:00

The quality guarantee period of all FOCO induction heating equipment is 1 year. Within 1 year, if the non-wearing parts of any equipment are damaged by non-human, FOCO can provide you with new parts for free. You only need to pay the shipping cost of the parts. After the warranty period, FOCO will provide you with various parts at the lowest cost price.

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