Industrial Induction Heating Machines

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Induction heating equipment plays an important role in the field of industrial heating. It is mainly used for induction melting, induction hardening, induction brazing, induction annealing and tempering, as well as various heating treatment links in melting industry, foundry industry, automobile industry and home appliance industry.

Difference of induction heating machines with different frequencies

With different frequencies, induction heating machines can be divided into several types: high-frequency (HF) induction heating machine, medium frequency (MF) induction heating machine, ultra high frequency (UHF) induction heating machine and super-audio frequency (SF) induction heating machine. They are different in both frequency and application.

Different frequency ranges

  • High frequency: 30Khz-100Khz.
  • Medium frequency: 1Khz-10Khz.
  • Ultra high frequency: 200Khz-800Khz.
  • Super audio frequency: 20Khz-50Khz.

Different heating depths and uses

  • The HF induction heating machine ranges between 0.5 mm and 3 mm in heating depth and is mainly used for induction hardening, workpiece surface hardening, induction brazing of copper pipes, etc.
  • The MF induction heating machine can reach more than 10 mm in heating depth and is mainly used for induction melting, induction heating and forging of billets, steel bars and iron bars, and induction hardening of large auto workpieces and marine workpieces.
  • The UHF induction heating machine has a relatively small heating depth of 0.3-1 mm and is mainly used for induction hardening of ultra-thin and ultra-small workpieces, induction brazing of copper pipes, annealing and tempering of steel strips, etc.
  • The SF induction heating machine ranges between 3 mm and 10 mm in heating depth and is mainly used for induction heating and forging of iron bars and induction hardening of large workpieces.

Depending on the power of the machine, the heating depth and heating speed of the induction heating machine will be different. Please consult our professional engineers, and we will recommend a suitable machine for you according to your workpiece material, heating time and heating depth requirements.

How to cool the induction heating machines?

The induction heating equipment uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat the workpiece. When the machine works, it will generate a lot of heat, so a water cooling system must be used to cool it to ensure the normal operation of its components.

The following water cooling systems are commonly used for induction heating systems:

  1. Simple water cooling system. A simple water cooling system is composed of a water tank and a water pump. It uses a water pump to circulate water between the water tank and the machine, taking away the heat generated when the machine works and achieving the purpose of cooling.
  2. Open water cooling tower. An open water cooling tower is a kind of open cooling equipment for heat and mass transfer. By spraying the circulating water in the form of mist spray to the glass fiber filler, it transfers heat by making water contact air. After that, a blower drives the air circulation in the cooling tower, bringing out the hot air after heat exchange with water, so as to achieve cooling.
  3. Closed water cooling tower. The complete set of closed cooling tower equipment consists of main motor, water tank, circulating water pump and electric control cabinet. The closed water cooling tower (also called evaporative air cooler), with a tubular heat exchanger inside, ensures the cooling effect through the heat exchange of circulating air, spray water and circulating water.
  4. Industrial chiller. The principle of the chiller is to cool the water in the internal water tank through the chiller refrigeration system. Then, the low-temperature water is injected into the induction heating equipment that needs to be cooled by the water pump inside the chiller. The low-temperature water takes away the heat inside the machine, and the high-temperature hot water is returned to the water tank for cooling. In this way, water circulation, heat exchange and water cooling achieve the purpose of cooling induction heating equipment.