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Aluminum Shell Induction Melting Furnace

FOCO aluminum shell induction melting furnace uses high power medium frequency induction heating power supply. We can provide solutions for customized induction melting systems.

Power: 200KW
Frequency: 1000HZ
Voltage: 3*380V
Capacity: 200KG-5000KG

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Aluminum shell induction melting furnace improves your production efficiency

What is aluminum shell induction melting furnace?

The induction melting furnace with aluminum shell furnace body is mainly comprised of medium frequency induction heating power supply, capacitance compensators, reducers, induction coils, refractory linings and the furnace body of aluminum shell. Using MF induction heating power supply to generate medium frequency magnetic field, the MF induction melting furnace makes metallic material interior generate the induction eddy current, so that the metal is heated to achieve the purpose of melting the metal material. With medium frequency of 200-2500Hz, the MF induction melting furnace is mainly applied to large melting plants and foundries, with the highest melting capacity up to greater than 5T.


  • Induction heating, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Electromagnetic stirring effect, even heating.
  • KGPS parallel circuit and series circuit are optional.
  • We can provide non-standard medium frequency induction melting furnaces with different power and different melting speeds.
  • Remote control system available.
  • Running status alarm function, more secure.


ModelPowerFrequencyVoltagePulse numberMF VoltageWater inlet pressureInlet water temperature
GWJ-200KW200KW1000HZ3Phase*380 V3 phases 6 pulses750V0.2-0.3MPa≤35℃
GWJ-300KW300KW1000HZ3Phase*380 V3 phases 6 pulses1600V0.2-0.3MPa≤35℃
GWJ-400KW400KW1000HZ3Phase*380 V3 phases 6 pulses1600V0.2-0.3MPa≤35℃
GWJ-700KW700KW1000HZ3Phase*380 V3 phases 6 pulses1600V0.2-0.3MPa≤35℃


Aluminum shell coreless induction melting furnace is widely used in the medium and large melting industry, foundry industry, machinery manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry. It is mainly used for melting iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metal, heavy metal (such as copper, lead) and precious metal (such as gold, silver).

  • Melting of steel and iron. It can melt 100KG-2000KG of steel and iron.
  • Melting of aluminum. It can melt 100KG-1000KG of aluminum.
  • Melting of copper. It can melt 100KG-2000KG of copper.
  • Melting of tin. Can melt 100KG-2000KG of tin.

How to cool the aluminum shell induction melting system?

As the melting system has relatively larger power, generally above 200KW, a large cooling system is required to reduce the high temperature it generates during operation. The commonly used water cooling systems include open water cooling towers and closed water cooling towers.

  • The open water cooling tower is cheaper but large in volume.
  • The closed water cooling tower is more expensive than the open cooling tower but has better cooling effects. It is easy to maintain and has smaller volume, suitable for indoor use.

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