• Automatic induction hardening machine

The automatic induction hardening machine is used for the surface hardening of automobile parts and mechanical parts, which can effectively enhance production efficiency and product quality.

  • Power: 15 kW-160 kW
  • Application: surface hardening of automotive shaft, gear, sawtooth, hardware tools, guide rail, etc.
  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic

Automatic Induction Hardening Machine for Sale

Automatic induction hardening machine for industrial automation

The automatic induction hardening machine is mainly composed of an induction heating power supply, mechanical fixtures, a loading and unloading system, a robot arm, a conveying system, a water cooling system, and a PLC control system.


  • Machine tool body: profile steel welding or casting.
  • Drive: precision ball screw or gear rack.
  • Clearance tracking: electrical tracking system; the clearance between the inductor and hardened surface is unchanged during hardening.
  • Hardening load: adjustable turn ratio, energy-saving hardening transformer.
  • Mechanical guide rail: linear guide rail.
  • Inductor positioning motor: AC servo motor.
  • Sensor movement on the two-dimensional surface: servo motor drive.
  • Hardening mode: inductor movement (standard configuration), optional workpiece movement mode.
  • Protection: water pressure protection, flow protection, air pressure protection, and photoelectric safety protection.
  • Control box: rotary operation box or the control box with an integrated control cabinet.
  • Alarm: audible or visual fault alarm; an alarm is displayed on the control interface and is recorded.
  • Inductor and sprinkler cooling interface: stainless steel or brass is used for a quick replacement of the connector.
  • Electric control system: PLC or touch screen +PLC.
  • Loading and unloading system: manipulator or intelligent robot.
  • Workpiece conveying system: chain conveyor system
  • Number of stations: 1-3.
  • Cooling mode: closed air cooling circulation system or industrial refrigerating unit + internal circulation cooling system.
  • A process parameter monitoring system can be provided. It has the functions of recording, querying and printing processing parameters.



Automatic induction hardening machines are widely used in modern industries, mainly the auto parts industry, heat treatment of mechanical parts, etc.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is the process of rapidly hardening the surface of steel parts.  It can be used for hardening of various carbon steel parts, such as auto parts, bicycle parts, construction machinery parts, lathe parts and ship parts, etc.

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