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Portable Induction Melting Furnace

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Portable Induction Melting Furnace2023-05-15T15:15:33+08:00
  • Portable induction melting furnace
  • Portable induction melting furnace
  • Portable induction melting furnace

FOCO portable induction melting furnace contains high frequency induction heating power supply, induction coil and crucible. It is suitable for laboratories and small melting plants.

Model: HF
Power: 15KW, 25KW
Frequency: 30-100KHZ
Voltage: single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V

Portable Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

15 kW and 25 kW high frquency induction furnace for metal melting


  • High frequency induction melting furnace, high efficiency and energy saving
  • IGBT module induction heating power supply
  • Mounted on casters for easy mobility
  • Operating parameter monitoring
  • Fault automatic alarm
  • Adjustable power

Optional equipment

  • Custom Induction Coils
  • Crucible
  • Quartz protective case
  • Industrial chiller


HF-15KW15KW1Phase*220 V30-100KHZ35KG550*220*470mm
HF-25KW25KW3Phase*380 V30-100KHZ40KG560*220*505mm



The small induction furnace are mainly used for melting small amounts of metals in laboratories and for melting precious metals.

Induction Melting

Induction Melting

It is mainly used for laboratory melting and precious metal melting. It can melt small amounts of metal for various tests in the laboratory, and can also melt 1-3 kg of gold, silver or platinum, etc.


What is portable induction melting furnace?2023-04-22T16:46:30+08:00

The small metal melting furnace is mainly comprised of high frequency induction heating machine, induction coils and crucibles. 15KW and 25KW induction heating machine is generally used to melt 1-3 kg of gold, silver and other metals.

What are the advantages of a portable induction melting machine?2023-04-22T16:47:09+08:00

15 kW and 25 kW induction melting furnaces are loved by customers because of their many benefits.

  • Low investment cost. High-frequency melting furnaces are cheap and have low operating costs.
  • Safe and reliable. Mature and stable high-frequency induction heating system and flameless melting process.
  • Flexibility. It is lightweight and has casters for easy mobility.
  • Clean. Induction heating produces almost no smoke.
How to choose a cooling system for a portable induction melting furnace?2023-04-21T18:46:07+08:00

Because a portable induction melting system uses less power, it generates less heat when it operates. Generally, its cooling system uses a simple water cooling system or an industrial chiller.

  1. Simple water cooling system. For a 15KW high-frequency induction melting furnace, a 1-2m³ water tank and a small self-priming pump can form a simple water cooling system.
  2. Industrial Chiller. Due to the small footprint of the industrial chiller, it is very suitable for places with limited indoor space. In addition, it has very high cooling efficiency. It is the best choice for laboratory induction melting furnace cooling system.
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