• Induction Gold Melting Furnace

Induction Gold Melting Furnace

FOCO provides special induction melting furnaces for melting gold and silver. It can melt 300kg of gold ore, 300kg of silver, and 50kg of gold.

Model: MF
Power: 15-160kW
Frequency: 1-10kHz
Voltage: 3-phase 380V 50/60HZ

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Induction melting furnace for gold and silver

Professional gold melting furnace

FOCO induction gold melting furnaces are specially designed and manufactured for the gold and silver melting industry. It is improved from the tilt-type induction melting furnace. The floor-standing design avoids the splash of metal liquid when the furnace body is turned over, and is more suitable for melting precious metals.


  • The furnace body is placed directly on the ground, which is more secure.
  • The melting speed is fast and the efficiency is high.
  • No flame and reduced smoke emission.
  • Can be equipped with an infrared thermometer to control the temperature.
  • Operational status monitoring.



The induction gold melting furnace is specially used for melting precious metals, such as gold and silver.

Induction Gold Melting

Induction Melting

It can be used for induction melting up to 50kg of pure gold, 300kg of Gold ore, and 300kg of silver.