What is Induction Annealing?

Induction annealing is a heat treatment process that uses induction heating to anneal metals. It slowly heats the metal to a specific temperature (the recrystallization temperature) for a sufficient time and then cools at a suitable rate. Induction annealing can reduce the hardness and internal stress of the workpiece, increase the ductility of the workpiece, and improve the reprocessing performance of the workpiece.

Induction heating can also precisely adjust the heating power to control the annealing temperature easily. It is a repeatable process for heating the workpiece, so it is easier to manage the heating result of the workpiece. Induction annealing equipment is easily integrated into the production line, enabling automation and improving production efficiency.

Induction annealing is widely used in the tube and wire processing industry. It is commonly used in annealing steel wires, pipes, blades, saw blades, copper pipes, aluminum rods, and aluminum pipes.

Gallery of Induction Annealing

Induction annealing of aluminum tubes

Induction Annealing of Aluminum Tubes

Induction annealing of metal workpieces

Induction Annealing of Metal Workpieces

Induction Annealing of Stainless Steel Tubes

Induction Annealing of Stainless Steel Tubes

annealing of steel tube with induction heating

Annealing of Steel Tube with Induction Heating