Installing most of the equipment is a straightforward process, and customers can complete the installation without the assistance of professional installers. Our induction heating equipment is designed to be easy to install, but when the structure of the equipment is very complex, and is divided into multiple parts and transported to the customer’s factory, we offer our professional installation services.

Installation Services:

Situations Requiring an Installation Engineer

When the structure of the induction heating equipment installation process is very complex, we guarantee that our installations will be quick and easy so that you don’t have to worry about anything while you’re trying to run your business.

Complex Installation

Installation of an induction heating system or induction melting system can sometimes be complex, especially if your team lacks installation experience or basic knowledge of electrical equipment. When your new system is split into multiple parts for easy transportation, these parts need to be assembled before use. In these situations, our professional installation engineers come to your location to assist in installing your induction heating or melting system.

Induction Furnace Testing

After installing the furnace bodies, water-cooling, and hydraulic systems, furnace-body-tilt tests should be performed to determine if your furnace works to expectations.

Before the furnace enters operational mode, you must confirm that all its safety features work, such as locking devices and signaling apparatus. Once verified, the furnace can be powered on, and you can begin employing your new induction capabilities.

If you need expert installation or consultation for your furnace installation, reach out today and let’s talk!