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Steel Shell Induction Melting Furnace

FOCO steel shell induction melting furnace provides an efficient and safe complete melting furnace solution for medium and large-scale melting industry and foundry industry.

Model: GWJ
Power: 300-2500KW
Melting capacity: 500KG-5000KG

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Advanced steel shell induction melting furnace

What is steel shell induction melting furnace?

The steel shell induction melting furnace is comprised of the medium frequency induction heating power supply, steel shell furnace body, compensating capacitor bank, hydraulic furnace tilting system, water-cooled cable and control system. FOCO steel shell induction melting furnace is equipped with a furnace leakage alarm device to effectively ensure the safe operation of melting furnace.

What are the advantages of a steel shell induction melting furnace?

  • Power factor above 0.90, no compensation device required.
  • No interference with other electrical equipment and power grids.
  • It can be started or shut down at any time without damaging the equipment.
  • Adjustable power.
  • Steel structure furnace shell, solid and safe.
  • Leakage alarm device to effectively protect the safety of workers and equipment.
  • High coverage magnetic yoke to reduce magnetic leakage.
  • Smoke collection devices available to improve the operating environment.
  • Separate closed circulating water systems for the MF induction power supply and furnace body.

The main components

  • Medium frequency induction heating power supply
  • Capacitive device
  • Steel shell furnace body
  • Hydraulic tilting furnace device
  • Dust hood (optional)
  • Cooling system (optional)
  • Transformer (optional)

Main features

  1. Open steel frame structure. The overall structure is simple and solid, with the basic structure of the furnace frame being composed of large-sized H-type steel or square steel pipes, for ease of routine maintenance and overhaul. The maximum angle of inclination of furnace body is up to 95°.
  2. Refractory material. The refractory protective coating inside and on the surface of the furnace body can better protect the furnace body from deformation.
  3. Welded steel structure. Suitable supports and clamps are provided on the steel structure to secure induction furnace coils and magnetic yokes. The removable components at the upper end of the induction melting furnace body make the replacement of induction coils much easier.
  4. Load-bearing steel structure. There are load-bearing steel structures on the strut and both sides of the strut, which are the most solid support of the furnace body. It supports the hydraulic tilting axis, and the axis can be moved outward and upward to ensure the minimum movement trajectory at the metallic solution outlet, to achieve the fixed-point casting of molten steel.
  5. Induction coil. The induction coil is composed of solid, durable and oxygen-free copper pipes with high conductivity. The water-cooled coil and induction coil are made of integrated copper pipes, without segments and joints. The number of turns of induction coils is so appropriate that the maximum electrical efficiency can be obtained. The two turns of adjacent copper pipes of the induction coil are strictly insulated with advanced segmentation technology. The coil becomes a complete structure after being sprayed with high-temperature and high-pressure insulating paint, and is secured by the steel structure in the furnace body. Therefore the overall structure is solid and there will be no deformation of copper pipes. The coil is supplied with cooling water by multiple water circulation to ensure the cooling effect.
  6. Magnetic yoke. The magnetic yoke is evenly distributed on the induction coil and bolted to provide maximum holding force for the induction coil, thus ensuring a long service life of the furnace lining. Under the action of the fastening device, the structure of multiple magnetic yokes is secure and reliable, and convenient for assembly, disassembly, adjustment and maintenance. The gasket between the magnetic yoke and the coil is made of multi-layer high-quality insulating material. The magnetic yoke is cooled by using water, and the cooling water pipe is made of stainless steel or copper.
  7. Anti-leakage alarm device. A composite leakage probe is a key component of the whole furnace protection system. It also ensures that the metal liquid is grounded in case of leakage, ensuring the safety of operators. The working principle of the anti-leakage alarm device: After the furnace has been used for a certain period of time, the furnace wall will gradually become thinner. The MF current will vary with the change in the furnace wall. After the varying current reaches the preset value, a pre-alarm alert will be issued, and then the power supply will be automatically cut off. Therefore safe production is achieved through prediction of the leakage.
  8. Fall protection cover. The furnace body is equipped with a fall protection device. During the furnace body tipping process, the fall protection cover will automatically rise to form a protective fence to prevent personnel from falling and ensure the safety of operators on the furnace platform. The protection device and furnace body are exquisitely integrated, beautiful, secure, safe and reliable.
  9. Tilting furnace hydraulic cylinder system. It includes a hydraulic pump station and a tilting furnace operating console. The system consists of the hydraulic pump, drive motor, emergency pump, motor starter, oil tank, oil return and suction filter (and anti-overflow device). The specific configuration of hydraulic cylinder system is designed based on the total weight of the furnace body under full load to ensure the safety of operation and production.
  10. Hydraulic pump station. The hydraulic pump station provides power for the tilting furnace cylinder, the furnace cover actuating cylinder and the furnace lining pushing-out cylinder. The pump station is of integrated valve block structure, with double pumps and double motors. Remote and manual control systems are equipped for easy operation. Hydraulic oil is the hydraulic medium.
  11. Tilting furnace operating console. Tilting furnace operating console is used to control the tilting of furnace body, and the tilting, stopping and resetting of furnace body are achieved through the buttons and handles on the hydraulic operating console. The furnace body can be tilted by 95° through the push of the hydraulic cylinder to pour out all metal liquid, and it can be fixed in any position during the tilting as required. It is operated by a manual valve smoothly, without impact.



It is used for melting steel, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin, nickel, alloy material and other ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, automobile manufacturing and other foundry industries.

Induction Melting

Induction Melting

This is a safe, efficient and energy-efficient induction melting process. It can smelt up to 8,000 kg of metals such as steel, iron, and copper.

Water cooling system of the steel shell induction melting furnace

The steel-shell induction melting furnace has relatively large power, up to greater than 2000KW. Therefore, a more efficient water cooling system is needed during operation to ensure the normal operation of the melting furnace system and to protect its components for proper action. Generally, the steel shell induction melting furnace uses the closed water cooling tower to cool the high temperature generated by the equipment.