FOCO induction provides a complete solution for surface hardening of workpieces, including induction heating power supply, cooling system, loading and unloading system and conveying system.

The hardening system of FOCO induction performs well in dealing with gears, automobile shafts, motor shafts, rocker arms, sprocket wheels, helical gears, transmission blades, ball pins, etc.

FOCO Induction’s two-axis hardening machine tool provides a solution to automatic and semi-automatic production lines of irregular workpieces.

We offer our customers an integrated induction heating system, including hardening, tempering and annealing.

All Induction Hardening Machines

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What is induction hardening machine?

Induction hardening equipment is a heating system used for surface hardening of mechanical parts using the principle of induction heating. By using the skin effect of alternating current and induction heating, the surface layer of steel parts is heated and then cooled and hardened, so that the surface of the parts can be of high hardness and fatigue resistance, while the original toughness of the center is still maintained. Many mechanical parts, such as gears, shafts, pins and crankshafts, are required to be of this performance.


The induction hardening equipment is mainly used for the surface hardening of mechanical parts and automobile parts to improve the surface hardness of the parts.

What is the heating power supply of the induction hardening equipment?

Induction hardening machines use different induction heating power sources according to the requirements of the parts to be hardened. Depending on the depth of the hardened layer, we offer suitable induction hardening machines.

Water cooling system for induction hardening system

The induction hardening machine can be cooled by a simple water cooling system, an enclosed cooling tower or an industrial chiller. Customers may make a choice according to their own needs.

  • Simple water cooling system. It requires a 2-5 m³ water tank, which is suitable for factories with large plant area and sufficient space.
  • Enclosed water cooling tower. The enclosed cooling tower features small size but good cooling effect and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Industrial chiller. The industrial chiller is generally used for induction hardening machine tools. It is small in size and can be designed as a built-in cold water system.