• 30KW handheld induction brazing machine
  • 10KW handheld induction brazing machine

Handheld Induction Brazing Machine

FOCO handheld induction brazing machine is equipped with intelligent PLC control system and water cooling system, which is mainly used for brazing of various industrial parts.

FOCO induction is a professional manufacturer of induction brazing machines, we provide customized solutions for the brazing of workpieces of different sizes and shapes.

Model: FB-WC
Power: 10KW, 30KW
Frequency: 200-500KHZ
Voltage: Three-phase 380V 50/60HZ

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Handheld induction brazing machine with PLC system and water cooling system

What is handheld induction brazing machine?

FOCO handheld induction brazing equipment mainly consists of induction heating power supply, PLC control system and water cooling system. Its water cooling system uses the core components of industrial chiller and provides good cooling effect, ensuring continuous 24-hour operation of the machine.


  • Equipped with casters and can move freely.
  • Built-in PLC control system, power adjustable.
  • Built-in water cooling system, no need to connect external water source.
  • Higher brazing quality.
  • Brazing is also possible where space is limited.
  • The flexible cable length can reach 10 meters.
  • Simple installation and easy operation.
  • Can be equipped with two heating heads


Induction brazing machines with handheld heating heads are mainly used for heating and brazing of industrial parts, with high heating efficiency and easy automation of production.

  • Brazing of copper pipes. Mainly used for brazing of copper pipes of various sizes, including copper pipes for air conditioners, refrigerator copper pipes, radiator copper pipes, etc.
  • Welding of corrugated pipes, metal pipe joints and steel belt joints.
  • Brazing of hardware tools and drills.
  • Brazing of diamond saw blades, welding of carbide tools.

What induction heating power supply is used for handheld induction brazing machine?

There are two types of induction heating power supplies for handheld portable induction brazing machines: high frequency induction heating machines and ultra high frequency induction heating machines.
Generally, UHF induction heating machine is used more often, because it can be equipped with more lightweight UHF induction heating heads, weighing only 1.5 – 2.5 kg, while the induction heating heads for HF induction heating machine weigh more than 3 kg.

Water cooling system

Handheld induction brazing machine is equipped with a built-in water cooling system, which is an industrial chiller. The powerful compressor can ensure that the temperature of water in the handheld induction brazing machine and in the induction heating head is always kept below 35℃. There is a water inlet on the back of the machine. You only need to add enough pure water to it before starting the machine.

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