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Vertical Induction Hardening Machine

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Vertical Induction Hardening Machine2023-05-15T15:17:40+08:00
  • Vertical induction hardening machine
  • Induction hardening of gear

FOCO INDUCTION can provide you with automatic or semi-automatic vertical induction hardening machine. Our hardening induction power supply keeps your workpiece hardness consistent.

Power: 15-160 kW
Axis: φ 10-300 mm, L: 50-1500 mm
Gear: φ 20-300 mm, H: 10-600 mm

Vertical Induction Hardening Machine for Sale

Vertical induction hardening machine for consistent heating results


  • PLC or CNC control system
  • Positioning accuracy 0.1mm
  • Consistent heating results
  • Reserve the location for robot installation
  • Single station heating system
  • Operating parameter monitoring and recording
  • Automatic quenching
  • Manual feeding
  • Programmable

Optional equipment

  • Multi-station turntable
  • Industrial cooling system
  • Automatic loading and unloading system
  • Conveyor system
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Robot hand


Input voltageThree-phase 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Maximum length of workpiece2500mm
Maximum diameter of workpiece1200mm
Maximum weight of workpiece500kg
Heating speed0-100mm/s
Hardening temperature100-1900℃ Adjustable
Cooling water10.6Mpa 4L/min
Cooling methodWater cooling
Hardening mediumWater, aqueous solution, mineral oil soluble salt, alkali soluble, etc.
Heating methodContinuous heating, simultaneous heating, segmented continuous heating, segmented simultaneous heating



Vertical type induction hardening equipment is widely used in the industry and can be used for the hardening of various workpieces.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is the process of rapidly hardening the surface of carbon steel. It is mainly used for hardening of gears, automobile shafts, spline shafts, pin shafts, bushings, leaf spring rocker arms, ball pins, and various auto parts.

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How to control the depth of hardening?2023-04-22T14:11:15+08:00

The main factors affecting the depth of hardening include: power, frequency, scanner speed. The higher the power, the lower the frequency, and the slower the scanner, the deeper it will harden. Our professional engineers can recommend suitable setting parameters for you.

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Can I buy one machine for hardening different parts? Like gears and shafts?2023-04-22T14:13:43+08:00

Yes, sure. The vertical induction hardening system is suitable for surface hardening of gears, disks and shafts. You can adjust the power of the machine or replace the induction heating power supply to meet different quenching process requirements.

How to choose cooling system for vertical induction hardening system?2023-04-22T14:14:16+08:00

Industrial chillers, closed cooling towers, open cooling towers and simple chilled water systems. The main considerations for choosing a chilled water system include: space area, cooling effect, investment cost, etc. You can choose the appropriate cooling system according to your needs.

When you use low-temperature water to cool the workpiece, it should be an independent circulation system.

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