FOCO training covers everything from the basics of induction heating to advanced theory on inductor design, from preventative system maintenance to training for system user operations. Customized operator training can also be tailored to your specific equipment and production environment. Students will learn from our highly trained technicians with years of hands-on experience and a vast knowledge base. Courses are available at every level of ability and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Training new employees avoids costly mistakes but getting them up to speed can be challenging. That is why FOCO offers induction heating systems operations training. Receive hands-on training at our [LOCATION] facility. Your employees will learn to achieve optimal performance levels individually or in small groups.

Whether your new employees need a base level of training or an advanced one, you can avoid unnecessary downtime, injuries, and disappointment by scheduling an operator education session with FOCO. Contact us to discuss your specific project. Maintenance and proper care significantly extend the service life of the machine.

Induction Maintenance Training

To prevent downtime and keep up with production levels, we offer maintenance education courses in which your service technicians learn preventive maintenance tactics to ensure that your manufacturing systems are always running. Induction Coils from FOCO. Since we believe inductor design and quality are critical for each FOCO system. Therefore, we offer inductor machining training specifically. The training is divided into theory and practice sections. First, we teach the theoretical principles of good design and proceed with the practical exercises. They learned to construct suitable coils according to the frequencies, materials, and power densities.

Customized Training

We will customize the training for your unique production environment, your parts, and the skill levels of your staff. So, give us a call today and let us help you make the most out of your induction heating systems. Tell us about your operations and needs, and we will tailor an induction heating training program just for you.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are factory-trained, highly experienced professionals that combine their knowledge of induction systems with an excellent capacity to teach effectively. While most of our training courses are focused on the more technical parts of an induction system, we also offer customized service classes covering the entire system and training in equipment safety and operators.

FOCO training gives you tools to understand better induction heating processes and equipment—essential for maximum returns and payback on your investment. The more you know your induction equipment, the better your payback on investment. Reach out today! We’ll talk about how FOCO will train your staff to squeeze the best performance out of your induction equipment.