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Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

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Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine2023-05-15T15:12:30+08:00
  • 6KW ultra high frequency induction heating machine
  • 10KW ultra high frequency induction heating machine
  • 20KW ultra high frequency induction heating machine
  • 40KW ultra high frequency induction heating machine

Ultra high frequency induction heating machine is a small, intelligent and efficient heating equipment, and it is mainly used for induction brazing, induction hardening, annealing, etc.

Model: UHF
Power: 6KW-40KW
Frequency: 200-500KHZ
Voltage: single-phase 220V 50/60HZ

Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine for Sale


  • Micro parts can be heated. It can heat iron wire, steel wire, steel strip, miniature shafts, silver wire, fine gold and silver jewelry, and more.
  • The surface heats up quickly. Its skin effect is more obvious, which can quickly heat the surface of the workpiece, so it is very suitable for surface hardening.
  • High frequency. The highest frequency can reach more than 800 kHz, and the heating efficiency is high.
  • Flexible. Small size, equipped with casters, easy to move.
  • Self-protection function. Monitor current, voltage, water temperature, etc. When failure occurs, it can automatically alarm and stop running.

Optional equipment

  • Custom induction coils. FOCO provides custom coils for various odd-shaped workpieces.
  • Induction heat gun. The length of the flexible cable can reach more than 10m.
  • Cooling system. Industrial chillers and closed cooling towers are optional.
  • Infrared thermometer.

Ultra high frequency induction heating machine parameters

ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyWeightHost sizeVice size
UHF-6KW6KW3Phase*380 V200-500KHZ35KG580*250*500mm230*100*120mm
UHF-10KW10KW3Phase*380 V200-500KHZ70KG580*250*500mm230*100*120mm
UHF-20KW20KW3Phase*380 V200-500KHZ50KG+35KG550*250*450mm400*250*380mm



The ultra-high induction heating machine’s frequency can reach 800KHZ, mainly used for surface heating of workpieces, brazing of various small parts, etc.

Induction Brazing and Welding

Induction Brazing and Welding

Brazing of copper pipes and fine workpieces. Welding of eyeglass frames, jewelry, circuit boards, micro workpieces, silver welding, brazing and soldering of fine metal joints, etc.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening

Surface hardening of steel strips and small workpieces. Quenching and tempering of micromotor shafts.

Induction Annealing

Induction Annealing

Induction annealing can improve the heat treatment properties of workpieces. It is used for annealing of wire and thin metal strip.


What is ultra high frequency induction heating machine?2023-04-21T11:05:57+08:00

The ultra high frequency induction heating machine is a type of induction heating machine, with a frequency ranging between 200 kHz and 500 kHz. According to different heating processes of customers, we will adjust the frequency. The maximum frequency can reach 800 kHz, which can achieve a good surface heating effect, and the heating depth ranges between 0.3 mm and 1 mm.

What are the advantages of ultra-high frequency induction heating machines?2023-04-21T11:12:22+08:00

The benefits of the UHF induction heating machine:

  • Fast heating
  • Small heating depth
  • Repeatability
  • Consistent results
  • Clean and pollution-free
  • No flame
Portable handheld induction heating gun for ultra high frequency induction heating machine2023-04-21T11:16:32+08:00

The UHF induction heater can be equipped with mobile and portable handheld induction heating gun. And it can heat a metal parts in a restricted space. The weight of the heating gun ranges between 1 KG and 2.5 KG, and varies according to different powers.

What is the length of the flexible cable for the UHF machine induction heating gun?2023-04-21T11:21:50+08:00

The flexible cable of the heating gun for 6 kW machine is generally 1-3 meters long.

The flexible cable of the heating gun for 10 kW and 30 kW machines are generally 5 meters long.

According to the needs of customers, we can also provide flexible cables over 10 meters. This allows the customer to heat the part away from the machine.

How to cool the UHF induction heating machine?2023-04-21T11:23:13+08:00

There are two commonly used cooling methods for a UHF induction heating machine.

Low cost simple water cooling system

It includes a water pump and a water tank. The water pump pumps the low-temperature water in the water tank into the machine at a certain pressure to cool the high temperature generated by the operation of the machine.

Industrial Chiller

Just connect the chiller to the machine. The chiller pumps the low temperature water into the UHF induction heating machine to achieve the cooling effect.

When you use an induction heating head, we recommend that you use an industrial chiller. Since the induction heating head has a relatively long flexible cable, only the chiller with a strong cooling capacity can ensure that the water temperature in the copper pipe of the induction heating head can always stay below 35 °C.

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