• Induction Forge
  • 15kW induction forge

The power of FOCO induction forge ranges from 15 kW to 250 kW, which can meet your different heating needs. We provide induction heaters with different power and frequency matching, so that you can benefit from heating, annealing and melting of your parts.

Small induction forges provide the most cost-effective option for heating your knives, axes, and drills. Custom induction forged coils are the perfect match.

Power: 15 kW – 250 kW
Frequency: Different frequency ranges from 1 kHz to 800 kHz.
Voltage: single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz

Induction Forge for Sale

The best induction heater for forging

The special induction coil design allows FOCO IGBT induction forge to heat single or multiple parts at a time. Whether manual or automated, we have the best induction furnace for you.


  • MOSFET and IGBT Power Units
  • 100% load design
  • Fault alarm unit
  • 24 hours continuous work
  • Precisely heats the targeted area
  • Adjustable power

Optional equipment

  • Infrared thermometer
  • Custom induction coils
  • Handheld heat gun
  • Industrial chiller
  • Water cooling tower


ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyWeightHost sizeVice size
HF-15KW15KW1Phase*220 V30-80KHZ35KG550*220*470mm/
HF-25KW25KW3Phase*380 V30-80KHZ35KG550*220*470mm/
SF-40KW40KW3Phase*380 V25-50KHZ75KG640*280*550mm320*220*350mm
SF-60KW60KW3Phase*380 V25-50KHZ100KG780*370*620mm450*255*390mm
MF-90KW90KW3Phase*380 V1-10KHZ155KG750*600*900mm670*420*500mm
MF-110KW110KW3Phase*380 V1-10KHZ165KG1000*600*900mm700*420*600mm
MF-160KW160KW3Phase*380 V1-10KHZ195KG1000*600*900mm700*420*600mm



As an efficient heating method, electromagnetic induction forging is widely used in the heating of various metal and conductive non-metallic parts. Heating applications mainly include: knife heating, bar heating, induction brazing, part heat penetration, steel hardening, stainless steel annealing, welding, metal melting, etc.

Induction Heating and Forging

Induction Heating and Forging

Induction forge is used to heat a variety of metal parts including blades, axes, hoes, sickles, shovels and more.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening

Most steels can be hardened by induction heating. After heating to 800°C or more, immediately cool with low-temperature water.

Induction Brazing

Induction Brazing

Induction heaters are commonly used to braze various metal parts, including copper to copper, copper to steel, copper to brass, aluminum to aluminum, etc.

Induction Melting

Induction Melting

Induction heating furnaces are used to melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The melting rate is faster and the temperature is more uniform.

induction annealing application

Induction Annealing

High frequency and ultra high frequency induction annealing machines are commonly used for copper tube annealing, stainless steel online annealing and annealing of various steels after hardening.