FOCO induction has been developing solutions for induction melting furnaces for more than ten years. Now we have several series of induction melting furnace products to meet the needs of different customers.

We have portable mini induction melting furnaces for laboratories, tilt-type induction melting furnaces for small industries and home workshops, and aluminum shell induction melting furnaces and steel shell induction melting furnaces for large-scale melting plants, with melting capacity ranging from 1KG to 5T.

FOCO induction’s team of engineers will provide free technical support for your project to help you reduce production costs and improve system productivity and safety.

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Induction melting furnace is extensively applied to the foundry industry and iron and steel industry. It is mainly used for melting metals, including melting of steel, iron, coppers aluminum, tin, gold, silver and lead.

Water cooling system

The induction melting furnace will generate a lot of heat during operation. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, a water cooling system is needed to reduce the temperature of the machine. Different water cooling systems can be used by induction melting furnaces of different types. The main water cooling systems include:

  • Simple water cooling system
  • Open cooling tower
  • Closed cooling tower
  • Industrial water chiller