FOCO employs a team of engineers whose purpose is to develop custom processes for our clients. With experts in welding, tempering, brazing, and annealing metals, we can advise on the most complex manufacturing requirements.

Once you reach out, we dispatch an engineering consultant to review your specifications and needs. Our consultants have years of experience with the concepts, processes, designs, sales, quotations, supply, and service of induction heating equipment. From there, our engineers develop a methodology and tailor-make devices based on your heat profile.

We’ve engineered solutions across multiple industries, from automotive, aerospace, and energy production to construction, manufacturing, and rail. We assess the materials you are using and your current processes and provide custom systems for your induction sleeving and heating needs. Companies across all categories have long valued and trusted the efficiency, durability, and strength of FOCO’s heat treatment processes like hardening, tempering, and annealing.

Using a consultant’s expertise to assist with your specialized induction device procurement can offer several benefits.

Our experts are available for big and small manufacturers who want assistance purchasing, using, or improving their induction heating equipment. We can supply the consultant with specialist expertise in metallurgy (induction requirements), machinery concepts and proposals, sales, project management, design of the electrical power system, and technical services. In addition, FOCO offers consulting services to examine proposals of potential induction heating suppliers and provide technical support throughout development.

Our induction coil on-site design and fabrication departments enable us to quickly modify and optimize your inductors to fit your particular processes.

Take advantage of FOCO’s engineering team and let us get to work reviewing your application.