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Tilt-type Induction Melting Furnace

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Tilt-type Induction Melting Furnace2023-05-15T15:15:56+08:00
  • Tilt-type induction melting furnace
  • Tilt-type induction melting furnace

FOCO induction has rich experience in the field of industrial induction melting equipment, our tilt-type small induction melting furnace can meet the industrial needs of 5KG-100KG capacity.

Type: MF
Power: 15-160KW
Frequency: 1-10KHZ
Voltage: 3-phase 380V 50/60HZ

Small Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

Industrial induction heating for iron, steel and copper melting


  • IGBT module induction furnace with high thermal efficiency.
  • Running status monitoring, with over-current, water shortage, over-pressure alarm function.
  • It is safer and more convenient to turn over the furnace body to pour the melt.
  • The crucible is easy to replace and can melt different materials.
  • Easy to install and operate, just connect the power supply and water cooling system.
  • Electromagnetic stirring effect, uniform temperature.
  • With heat preservation function.
  • Manual or mechanical feeding.

Optional equipment

  • Electric tilting furnace device
  • Remote control system
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Cooling system
  • Transformer
  • Voltage stabilizer

Furnace parameters

ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyWater flowWeight
MF-15KW15KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz10L/Min170KG
MF-25KW25KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz10L/Min200KG
MF-35KW35KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz10L/Min200KG
MF-45KW45KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz15L/Min250KG
MF-70KW70KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz15L/Min250KG
MF-90KW90KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz20L/Min260KG
MF-110KW110KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz20L/Min280KG
MF-160KW160KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz20L/Min410KG



The IGBT furnace is used to melt a variety of metals including iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and it provides a cost-reducing solution for the small-scale melting industry.

Melting with Tilt-type induction melting furnace

Induction Melting

It can melt up to 100 kg of steel, 250 kg of copper, and 200 kg of aluminium per hour.


What is a tilting type induction melting furnace?2023-04-22T17:15:55+08:00

The small induction melting furnace is mainly comprised of an MF induction heater and a tiltable furnace body. Its tilt device is manually controlled by a reducer, and remote control handles can be quipped based on customer’s needs. It is mainly designed for melting various metal, with the highest melting capacity up to greater than 100KG.

How to choose the cooling system for the medium frequency induction furnace?2023-04-22T17:17:38+08:00

Compared with high-frequency induction melting, MF induction melting generate more heat during the melting process. It has more power and can melt more metal. Therefore, the furnace has higher requirements on the water cooling system. Generally it uses a simple water cooling system (with a larger water tank) or a closed cooling tower.

  1. Simple water cooling system. It is composed of a large water tank and a self-priming booster pump. In order to ensure a better cooling effect, the simple water cooling system adopted by the metal melting equipment has a larger water tank. It has a tank of up to 3-5m³, sometimes even two tanks are used.
  2. Closed water cooling tower. It cools better than a simple water cooling system. Its internal circulation cooling method can better ensure the continuous operation of the furnace.
  3. Industrial Chiller. It cools better and is smaller. It can adapt to different environments, such as high temperature environment or limited indoor space.
What are the wearing parts of the small furnace?2023-04-22T17:07:02+08:00

Crucible. You will need to replace the crucible periodically. Depending on the quality of the crucible, its lifespan varies greatly. The life of the crucible may be used a dozen times, or it may be close to 100 times. You can also make a crucible out of a suitable refractory material, which costs less.

In short, you should check the crucible every time you are done using it. If you see damage and breakage in it, replace it promptly.

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