• Tilt-type induction melting furnace
  • Tilt-type induction melting furnace

Tilt-type Induction Melting Furnace

FOCO induction has rich experience in the field of industrial induction melting equipment, our tilt-type small induction melting furnace can meet the industrial needs of 5KG-100KG capacity.

Type: MF
Power: 15-160KW
Frequency: 1-10KHZ
Voltage: 3-phase 380V 50/60HZ

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Industrial tilt-type small induction melting furnace

What is a tilting small induction melting furnace?

The tilting type induction melting furnace is mainly comprised of an medium frequency induction heating machine and a tiltable furnace body. Its tilt device is manually controlled by a reducer, and remote control handles can be quipped based on customer’s needs. It is mainly designed for melting various metal, with the highest melting capacity up to greater than 100KG.


  • Less heat radiation, no pollution.
  • IGBT power components, stable operation.
  • Easy to install and operate, and needing connection to power supply and water cooling system only.
  • Easy to replace the crucible and capable of melting different materials.
  • Operation status monitoring, with over current, water shortage, over voltage, short circuit alarm function.
  • Remote control handles available

Tilt-type induction melting furnace parameters

ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyWater flowWeight
MF-15KW15KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz10L/Min170KG
MF-25KW25KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz10L/Min200KG
MF-35KW35KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz10L/Min200KG
MF-45KW45KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz15L/Min250KG
MF-70KW70KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz15L/Min250KG
MF-90KW90KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz20L/Min260KG
MF-110KW110KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz20L/Min280KG
MF-160KW160KW3Phase*380 V1-20kHz20L/Min410KG


The small induction melting furnace is used to melt a variety of metals including iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and it provides a cost-reducing solution for the small-scale melting industry.

  • Melting of steel and iron. Up to 100KG steel and iron per hour.
  • Melting of copper. It can melt up to 250KG of copper.
  • Melting of aluminum. Up to 200KG of aluminum can be melted.

How to cool the tilt-type induction melting furnace?

The tilt-type induction melting furnace will generate more heat during operation compared with high frequency induction heating machine, as melting means a process that the metal is continuously heated. Therefore the machine has higher requirements on water cooling system. A simple water cooling system (larger tank) or a closed cooling tower is generally adopted in the tilt-type induction melting furnace.

  • Simple water cooling system. The simple water cooling system used in the tilt-type induction melting furnace has a larger water tank, which can reach 3-5m³, and sometimes two water tanks are adopted to ensure a better cooling effect. A simple water cooling system is formed by combining a large water tank and a self-priming booster pump.
  • Closed water cooling tower. Compared with simple water cooling system, it has a better cooling effect and can better ensure the continuous operation of induction melting furnace.
  • Industrial chiller. In special environment, such as high temperature environment or restricted indoor space, industrial chillers will also be used as a result of its small size and good cooling effect.

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