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Induction Heating System for Forging

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Induction Heating System for Forging2023-05-10T15:50:39+08:00

FOCO provides customers with efficient and energy-saving induction heating system solutions. Induction heating systems for forging have been proven to be the best automatic application system for billet heating and bar heating.

Compared with traditional heating and forging methods, induction forge has the advantages of faster heating speed, higher production efficiency, lower energy consumption, and greener environmental protection. The heating efficiency of our induction forging machine can reach more than 90%.

All Induction Heating Systems for Forging

induction forge for sale

Induction Forge for Sale

FOCO Induction Forge can bring you unparalleled cost-effectiveness. Optimal matching of power and frequency heats up metal parts quickly.

Power: 15 kW – 250 kW
Application: blade heating, metal farm implement heating, horseshoe heating, carbon steel hardening, copper tube tempering, etc.

Induction Bar Heating System

The induction bar heating furnace is mainly used for the forging of round bars, and it can heat round metal bars with a maximum diameter of 150mm.

Power: 25 kW – 250 kW
Application: steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other bar heating

Induction Bar Heating System
Induction Billet Heating System

Induction Billet Heating System

The induction billet heating forging machine adopts PLC control system and modular segmental heating, which can be used to heat various billets of different diameters.

Power: 160 kW – 3000 kW
Application: heating of square and round steel billets, heating of aluminum billets

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  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic design, high production efficiency
  • PLC control system, programmable
  • Modular design, section heating
  • Operating parameter monitoring and recording
  • IGBT or SCR power devices
  • Power adjustable, increment 1%

Optional equipment

  • Water cooling system. Closed water cooling tower, open water cooling tower, industrial chiller.
  • Loading and unloading system. Mechanical hand, mechanical pusher.
  • Conveyor system. Conveyor belt, chain conveyor mechanism.
  • Infrared thermometer.

Induction Heating and Forging Applications

Induction heating machine for forging can heat steel, copper, iron, aluminum and other metal bars. And the modular design and programmable heating system can realize continuous heating, end heating, overall heating and local heating of the bar. For round and square billets, FOCO provides a uniquely designed loading and unloading system and conveying system, which can realize the automation of heated forging.

Induction heating billets for forging

Induction Heating Billets

The billet induction heating system can be used to heat steel billets, iron bars, aluminum billets and copper bars, etc.

Steel and Iron Bar Ends Heating

Steel and Iron Bar Ends Heating

Induction heating of the ends of steel, iron, copper and aluminum rods for hot forming.

Heating of bolts and nuts

Heating of Bolts and Nuts

Rapid heating of bolts and nuts reduces oxidation and decarburization. Automated processes increase production efficiency.


What are the advantages of induction forging?2023-04-20T14:48:31+08:00

Induction forging uses induction heating, which is a controlled and energy-efficient form of heating.

Benefits of induction forging:

  1. Less oxidation
  2. Consistent temperature
  3. Repeatability
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Controlled and precise process
  6. Clean heating process
How to choose frequency and power supply for induction forging system2023-04-20T15:03:39+08:00

Induction forging machines usually use an induction heating power supply with a medium frequency frequency. The power and frequency of the power supply are selected according to the size of the workpiece and the speed of heating.

The following are commonly used frequencies and power supplies:

  • When heating tiny workpieces, the usual machine frequency is 30 kHz – 80 kHz. This is the high-frequency induction heating machine, and its power is usually 15 kW – 60 kW.
  • When heating small and medium-sized bars and workpieces, the frequency of choice is usually 1 kHz – 10 kHz. Its induction power supply usually has a power range of 15 kW-200 kW. For example, for induction forging steel bars with a diameter of 30mm, we use IGBT medium frequency induction heating machines.
  • When heating large bars and workpieces, the frequency of induction forging machines is generally 500 Hz – 1000 Hz. Its power is usually above 100 kW. Such as induction forging billets with larger diameters.
How to cool the induction forging machine for sale?2023-04-20T15:04:42+08:00

Induction forging furnaces can use a number of different cooling methods. Users need to determine the type of cooling system according to the power of the induction heating machine and the situation of the factory.

  • Simple water cooling system.It is the water cooling system with the lowest investment cost and mainly consists of water tank and water pump. The cooling water in the water tank is pumped into the machine to reduce the temperature inside the machine. The high temperature water will flow back to the water tank for recycling.
  • Industrial chiller.Industrial chillers mainly reduce the water temperature through the compressor, thereby reducing the temperature inside the machine. Industrial chillers have higher cooling efficiency and a smaller footprint, but they are more expensive.
  • Cooling tower.Cooling towers can be divided into two categories: open water cooling towers and closed water cooling towers. The open cooling tower is large in volume and low in running cost. The closed cooling tower is smaller in volume, with higher cooling efficiency.
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