FOCO offers complete induction heating solutions.

Design, Construction, Repair, and Consultation Services

Makers of high-quality, turnkey, fully automated, general-purpose induction heating equipment specializing in the refurbishment and manufacturing custom inductors. We work with many coils for induction melt applications and can tailor your coil package to maximize performance and product quality. No project is too difficult. We welcome your induction heating challenges.

induction heating consulting

Application Consulting

FOCO employs engineers to develop custom processes for clients. Our experts advise on the most complex manufacturing requirements, being specialists in induction heating, soldering, tempering, brazing, and annealing metals. We assess your materials and current processes and provide custom systems for your induction heating needs.

induction heating test

Induction Heating Tests

Induction heat testing is the best way to find out which induction heating process and equipment works best for your application. Induction heating offers numerous benefits for manufacturing processes as it is a fast, energy-efficient, and flameless way of heating electrically conductive materials.

custom induction heating coil

Custom Induction Heating Coil Service

Induction coil designs can significantly affect the part’s quality, process efficiency, and production costs. Compared with an inexpensive coil, a well-designed, industrial-grade induction coil can last as much as 30 times longer, depending on the application, care, and environment. You can trust FOCO to ensure your coils are functioning at top-level efficiency.

induction heating training

Induction Heating Training

FOCO training covers the basics of induction heating, advanced theory on inductor design, and preventative system maintenance to training for system user operations. Courses are available at every level of ability and tailored for your unique production environment, your parts, and the skill level of your staff. The more you know your induction equipment, the better your ROI.

induction heating equipment installation

Induction Installation

We guarantee that our installations will be quick and easy. Depending on complexity, we can create videos demonstrating installation or send one of our engineers to your facility.