• induction bar heating system

FOCO provides induction bar heating system for forging of steel bars, iron bars, aluminum bars, and copper bars to ensure even heating and consistent results.

  • Power: 25 kW-250 kW
  • Max. bar diameter: 150 mm
  • Type: automatic system and semi-automatic system

Induction Bar Heating System for Sale

Industrial Bar heating and forging system

Induction heating machines for bars are composed of a medium-frequency induction heating power supply, compensating capacitors, induction coils, water cooling systems, material conveying systems, and material loading and unloading systems.


  • PLC intelligent control system (optional Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.)
  • Power regulation step value 1%
  • Infineon IGBT components
  • Solid state inverter technology, efficient and energy-saving
  • Continuous operation for 24 hours
  • Modular design, for the ease of induction coil replacement
  • End heating or integral heating, easy to switch
  • Two operating modes: constant current and constant power
  • Failure warning system
  • Infrared thermometer available
  • Easy installation

Bar heating system parameters

PowerHeating steel and stainless steel material to 1100℃, heating brass material to 700℃
25kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢10-30mm
35kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢10-30mm
45kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢10-30mm
70kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢15-50mm
90kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢15-50mm
110kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢15-50mm
160kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢15-90mm
200kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢15-90mm
250kWSuitable for bar heating of ¢30-150mm



Induction bar forging systems are mainly designed for heating bars of various sizes, including aluminum bars, steel bars, iron bars, and copper bars.

Induction Forging

Induction Forging

The automatic induction bar heating system can achieve uniform preheating before forging, improve production efficiency and heating quality.

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Based on the material, size, shape, and temperature of the bar that the customer needs to heat, we will design suitable induction coils, water cooling systems, logistics transportation systems, and loading and unloading systems for the customer.