Induction brazing machine utilizes the principle of induction heating to join metal parts together with melted brazing filler, thus achieving the purpose of brazing.

The FOCO Induction brazing machine provides customers with efficient heating processes and high-quality induction brazing results. We have developed a variety of induction brazing machines and systems to meet the needs of different customers, mainly including handheld, portable, and automatic induction brazing machines, and handheld induction heating heads.

FOCO Induction has extensive experience in the brazing of metal parts. We can provide complete solutions for your industrial brazing needs.

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Induction brazing machines weld two metal parts together, mainly by heating the solder to melt. Its applications mainly include the following:

Induction brazing of copper pipes

Induction Brazing of Copper Pipes

Induction brazing of various compressor copper tubes and radiator copper tubes.

Brazing of Hardware and Cutting Tools

Brazing of Hardware and Cutting Tools

Brazing of diamond cutting tools, metal grinding tools, drill bits, alloy saw blades, carbide turning tools, etc.

Brazing of various metal parts

Brazing of Various Metal Parts

Mainly including brazing of metal hardware, copper pipe fittings, and similar metals such as alloy steel to steel, steel to copper, and copper to copper.

Silver soldering and tin soldering

Silver Soldering and Tin Soldering

Induction soldering of silver ornaments, spectacle frames, and electrical components.

Brazing of composite pot bottoms

Brazing of Composite Pot Bottoms

Mainly used for brazing of round stainless steel pot bottoms and aluminum sheets.

Brazing of heating plates of electric kettles

Brazing of Electric Kettles

Mainly used for brazing of heating plates of electric kettles and coffee pots.

How to cool an induction brazing machine?

There are two main types of water cooling systems required for induction brazing machines: simple water cooling systems and industrial chillers.

  • Simple water cooling system. This is mainly used for high-frequency (HF) and ultra-high-frequency (UHF) induction brazing machines. When not using a portable induction heater, a simple water cooling system can be used.
  • Industrial chiller. If a portable induction heating head is used, the industrial water chiller must be used to ensure that the temperature of water in the copper pipe of the induction heating head is lower than 35℃.

Why should you choose FOCO Induction as your induction brazing machine supplier?

FOCO Induction has over 15 years of experience in induction brazing. We have an elite team of engineers, and we use the best materials to manufacture your devices.
Our customized services include:

  • Customized induction heating power supply.
  • Customized induction heating coil.
  • Customized feeding and discharging system.