• 15kw high frequency induction heater
  • 35kw high frequency induction heater

High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The high-frequency induction heating machine uses the principle of induction heating to achieve the purpose of heating. Its oscillation frequency is 30-80KHz. It is mainly used for metal surface hardening, heating treatment of small workpieces, induction brazing of metal workpieces and induction melting of small amounts of metal.

Model: HF
Power: 15-160Kw
Frequency range: 30-100kHz
Voltage: single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz

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High frequency induction heating equipment has excellent heating performance

What is high frequency induction heating machine?

The high-frequency induction heater operates on the electromagnetic induction principle, with alternating current passing through the induction coil. This causes it to generate an alternating magnetic field that cuts the workpiece, causing eddy currents in the workpiece to generate heat. The frequency of the HF induction heating machine ranges between 30 and 80 kHz. It also has a heating depth of 0.5-2.5 mm and can be used to heat small and medium-sized parts.

What are the benefits of the HF induction heating power supply?

  • Electromagnetic induction heating, non-contact heating.
  • Even heating and good consistency of results.
  • Energy saving, cleanness and no pollution.
  • Adjustable power.
  • Flexible cables and induction heating heads can be equipped.
  • Infrared temperature measuring equipment can be equipped.
  • Automatic production can be realized.
  • Operation failure alarm.


Model Power Voltage Frequency Weight Host size Vice size
HF-15KW 15KW 1Phase*220 V 30-80KHZ 35KG 550*220*470mm /
HF-25KW 25KW 3Phase*380 V 30-80KHZ 35KG 550*220*470mm /
HF-35KW 35KW 3Phase*380 V 30-80KHZ 40KG+30KG 600*255*540mm 450*255*390mm
HF-60KW 60KW 3Phase*380 V 30-80KHZ 45KG+35KG 610*280*540mm 510*255*420mm
HF-80KW 80KW 3Phase*380 V 30-80KHZ 54KG+47KG 785*375*590mm 670*720*500mm



The HF induction heating equipment is widely used and plays a very important role in the field of industrial heating. Compared with medium frequency induction heating machine, it has a relatively small heating depth of 0.5-2.5 mm. For this reason, it is mainly used for the heating of small and medium-sized workpieces and surface heating of workpieces.

Induction Hardening

Induction Hardening

Used for surface hardening of gears, shafts, auto parts, etc.

Induction Brazing

Induction Brazing

Used for brazing of hardware tools, diamond tools, saw blades and copper pipes.

Induction Melting

Induction Melting

Used for melting 1-3 kg of gold, silver, copper and other metals.

Induction Heating and Forging

Induction Heating and Forging

Used for heating and forging of smaller size workpieces.

Induction heating head

Power requirements of heating head

When the HF induction heating device’s power is greater than 35 KW, a movable induction heating gun may be added. Power attenuation occurs when an induction heating head is used because a flexible cable is required to connect the machine. To ensure heating performance, we must use a machine with high power.

Why is a water chiller required for the machine with an heating head?

The reason is that both the flexible cable and the heating head require a strong cooling effect. When an induction heating head is used, your induction heating equipment will need to be equipped with an industrial chiller. The strong cooling capacity of the industrial chiller can ensure that the water temperature in the flexible cable (with a length of 3-5 meters) and copper pipe of the induction heating head is below 35 °C.

How to cool the HF induction heating equipment?

During operation, high-frequency induction heating machines generate a lot of heat. This necessitates installing a cooling system to ensure the machine’s continuous and stable operation. To achieve different cooling effects, it can usually use two cooling methods.

Water tank + water pump

This simple water cooling system consists of a 2-5 m³ water tank and a self-priming booster pump. The cooling water in the water tank is pumped into the machine at a certain pressure after the water pump is activated. This can lower the machine’s temperature and provide a cooling effect.

Industrial chiller

The industrial chiller realizes cooling by using a compressor. Its refrigeration effect is so good that the machine can work in a stable and safe manner. If you use an induction heating head, it is better to use an industrial chiller to ensure that the water temperature in the copper pipe of the heating head is below 35 °C. It is small in size and is equipped with movable casters, which is very convenient.

How to install the high frequency induction heating equipment?

The installation of the high-frequency induction heating machine is very easy. You only need to connect the required water cooling system or chiller, and then connect the single-phase 220 V power supply (machines with a power of 15 KW) or three-phase 380 V (machines with a power of 25 KW and above).