What is induction brazing?

Induction brazing is a process used to join two metals that may be the same or different. It heats the filler material (metal or alloy with a low melting point), and the melted filler material enters the gap between the base metals, connecting the two base metals (higher melting point) tightly together.

Induction brazing is increasingly replacing the flame brazing process in industrial manufacturing. Compared with traditional flame brazing, induction brazing has a more precise and stable heating process. It heats only where it is needed, and the heating process is more stable and controllable. Its manufacturing process is consistent and easy to automate. In the induction brazing process, high-quality workpiece brazing can be accomplished by simply trained workers without the need for highly skilled operators.

Advanced induction brazing equipment manufactured by FOCO can be used in a variety of metal brazing processes, especially for high repeatability and batch manufacturing of brazed workpieces. It can be used to join a variety of metals, including copper and copper, copper and steel, tin, gold, silver, nickel, aluminum, and various alloys.

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