What is induction forging?

Induction forging is the process of using induction heating to heat metal before forming it with a hammer or press. Before forging, the metal needs to be heated to a certain temperature, so that the metal is easily deformed.

Induction forging can heat the metal to the required temperature in a short time, which can greatly reduce the oxidation of the metal. It uses non-contact heating, heating directly inside the metal, saving energy and producing no smoke. Induction heating allows precise localized heating, suitable for end forging. In addition, due to the repeatability of induction heating, it is easier to automate in industrial production and to ensure consistent heating results.

Induction forging is widely used in the foundry and metalworking industries. It can be used to heat billets, aluminium bars, copper bars, stainless steel bars and bar ends.

Videos of Induction Forging

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