Induction forging machines usually use an induction heating power supply with a medium frequency frequency. The power and frequency of the power supply are selected according to the size of the workpiece and the speed of heating.

The following are commonly used frequencies and power supplies:

  • When heating tiny workpieces, the usual machine frequency is 30 kHz – 80 kHz. This is the high-frequency induction heating machine, and its power is usually 15 kW – 60 kW.
  • When heating small and medium-sized bars and workpieces, the frequency of choice is usually 1 kHz – 10 kHz. Its induction power supply usually has a power range of 15 kW-200 kW. For example, for induction forging steel bars with a diameter of 30mm, we use IGBT medium frequency induction heating machines.
  • When heating large bars and workpieces, the frequency of induction forging machines is generally 500 Hz – 1000 Hz. Its power is usually above 100 kW. Such as induction forging billets with larger diameters.