To choose the correct induction heating equipment supplier and factory should comprehensively consider the various characteristics of the manufacturer. Here are some main properties:

  • Supplier experience. Does the factory have rich experience in similar projects?
  • Induction technology. Can the manufacturer’s technology allow the performance of the induction heating system, especially the power and frequency of the induction heating power supply to meet the needs of the heating process?
  • Feasibility of the solution. Can the induction heating solution provided by the supplier meet the process requirements of induction heating, and whether it has the convenience of production and the economy of operation?
  • Cost. Does the machine provide the best cost-effectiveness? You need to consider induction heating machine price, running cost, maintenance cost, etc.
  • After sale service. Can the supplier provide after-sales service? Quick installation of equipment and after-sales maintenance is very important for the normal operation of the equipment.

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