Compared with high-frequency induction melting, MF induction melting generate more heat during the melting process. It has more power and can melt more metal. Therefore, the furnace has higher requirements on the water cooling system. Generally it uses a simple water cooling system (with a larger water tank) or a closed cooling tower.

  1. Simple water cooling system. It is composed of a large water tank and a self-priming booster pump. In order to ensure a better cooling effect, the simple water cooling system adopted by the metal melting equipment has a larger water tank. It has a tank of up to 3-5m³, sometimes even two tanks are used.
  2. Closed water cooling tower. It cools better than a simple water cooling system. Its internal circulation cooling method can better ensure the continuous operation of the furnace.
  3. Industrial Chiller. It cools better and is smaller. It can adapt to different environments, such as high temperature environment or limited indoor space.